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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Is West Easton Grossville?

Tricia Mezzacappa
Tricia Mezzacappa is a Republican candidate for one of three seats on West Easton Borough Council. For years, she has battled Borough officials over what she considers unfair attempts to stifle any business not connected to the Mayor, Gerry Gross. She's also tangled with them over complaints about her pet, a cantankerous but cute Vietnamese pot-bellied pig named Earl. She really went to war when they attempted to stop her, a R.N., from running a massage business from her home. After thousands of dollars, she ultimately won her zoning appeal.

I got to know Tricia when she began attending County Council meetings. She and I became somewhat friendly. She's accompanied me on some of my walks and runs, and I certainly appreciated the company. She's a bright lady and I helped her to get voting lists.

After years of fighting West Easton, she's grown to hate Kelly Gross, an incumbent member of Council seeking re-election. It's become personal. She also detests the Mayor, and refers to West Easton as "Grossville." In her eyes, it's not just a one-party, but a one-family, town. She might be right about that, too. It's never a good idea for one party, or one family, to hold power for an extended period.

I have never met Mayor Gross. I do know Kelly because, many years ago, she was a title searcher like me. I have not seen or spoken to her since then, but she was certainly a very nice person when I knew her, and I pointed that out to Tricia. That's not how Tricia sees it, and she gets angry when she is refuted on this point. Like I said, it's kinda' personal.

Now that Mezzacappa's zoning case is over, she's spinning her wheels with all kinds of Right to Know Law (RTKL) controversies in West Easton, along with neighbor disputes. She's losing because she lets her anger rule her actions. Of course, she's convinced something must be wrong with the state Office of Open Records, too.

About two weeks ago, The Express Times reported that Gracedale unit clerk Nancy Kutz was chosen by Democrats to run in West Easton, after one of the candidates withdrew. But I recently learned, from Kutz herself, that she's declined the nomination, and someone else has been chosen.

Because I thought Tricia and I were friends, I called her with this intelligence over the weekend. She erupted. She had hoped that Kutz, a weak candidate with a checkered history that includes retail theft and bad checks, would remain on the ballot. Tricia felt Kelly Gross must be behind this withdrawal, and maybe she is.

She then began ranting that Gross spends all of her time at West Easton borough hall, doing the job that should be done by a manager and staff. I pointed out that, if this is a criticism, it's a very bad one. Kelly could easily respond that her efforts have saved taxpayers money. But Mezzacappa did not want to hear that and began getting angrier and angrier. I suggested that we talk again when she cools down. Well, Tricia hung up on me and now claims I am in Gross' pocket.

It's amazing how many people control me. Dent, Cunningham, Angle, Stoffa, and now the Family Gross.

Tricia has begun posting comments on the Gracedale Goon blog, calling me "a disgusting piece of vermin" and a part of the "Gross family cartel." She has referred to Nancy Kutz as an "excellent candidate." "I dont know of one person who has reached 50 years old and has a perfect financial past," she adds. It's a little more serious than a late credit card payment. Kutz was convicted of retail theft in 2007, and has a history of being charged with writing bad checks in 1997, 1999 and 2004.

According to Mezzacappa, "Even after the excellent candidate dropped from the race, Bernie O'Hare told me that he was going to smear this candidate anyway, all over his blog, because he thought it would be halarious. This man (well, not really) has a very destructive dark side, feasts off of the unfortunate circumstances of others, and retains a sense of well being as he does these things."

What I told Mezzacappa is this. "I believe the public has a right to know this kind of thing. and without my blog, they won't. Newspapers don't do these kinds of investigations anymore. They are stretched too thin. Believe me, although I like you and want you to win this has nothing to do with you. The record evinces a dishonesty that people should know." It makes no difference to me whether it is Nancy Kutz or Bruce Gilbert. I don't care whether it would be to Tricia's political advantage to have Kutz remain in the race, even if Tricia is my friend.

As it happens, once Kutz withdrew, I had no reason to bring up her past and did not do so earlier this week. But unfortunately, Mezzacappa has made that part of the story. According to her, I am now part of some deep conspiracy to get her, and befriended her just so I could ruin her chances in a tiny borough. "The Gross family cartel, with the assistance of Bernie O'Hare, has now extended their sabotage tricks to yet another citizen within its confines."

I'm a bit mystified by Mezzacappa's behavior because the only person I was trying to help was, in fact, her. I actually thought we were friends. I am really saddened and hurt by the intensity of personal attacks coming from her, both here and elsewhere.

Tricia has lots of things going for her. She's attractive, can be charming, and is highly intelligent. Ordinarily, her mind is very analytical. I've used some of her comments as blog posts. I was also flattered that, for some reason, she decided to be friendly with me. But when it comes to West Easton and Kelly Gross in particular, Tricia seems to be over the deep end. She's certainly wrong to paint me as part of some conspiracy to hurt her. I don't really care too much who wins or loses in West Easton, but do agree that a one-family fiefdom is generally a bad idea.

My mistake was a failure to recognize that Tricia is also irrational, at least when it comes to West Easton. Her behavior has been ... well ... gross. What I have learned is that no good deed goes unpunished.


Anonymous said...

How Ironic that Bernie uses a picture of her taken at the Gracedale Guardian celebration.

You and Trish/brenda make a wonderful couple.

Anonymous said...

I think I deserve to be irrational, considering what West Easton has done...not just to me, but to every productive citizen who is motivated to live a prosperous life.

West Easton has a long standing history of deflecting business, putting barriers in the way of economic opportunites, and thwarting many attempts by ordinary people to better their lives. Their only success is to raise taxes by 130% in seven short years. I have no problem with volunteering. It just has to be done for the right reasons. I wont go into much detail here.

If you need to verify this, just speak to Lou Pektor, and a multitude of other busniess people, former employees of the Borough, former soliciotrs, former code inspectors, former zoning board members, and many taxpayers who live here.

Irrational is nice touch Bernie, but I have been called much worse.


Anonymous said...

A very dear friend who is a hospital administrator of twenty-plus years once told me, while describing workplace personalities, that RNs eat their young. Apparently, my friend was right.

Many whose lives are otherwise boring and meaningless fill the void by tilting at windmills, both real and imagined. Welcome to Trish's windmill club. She's right about incestuous politics in West Easton. Nobody said the angrily insane can't also be right once in a while.

What a whackjob.

Anonymous said...

"It's never a good idea for one party, or one family, to hold power for an extended period."

It's not like we are talking about the Caesars here. West Easton elects its officials just like every other borough, town and city in Pennsylvania. Apparently the residents seem to desire to keep them in place.

And experience can be a good thing too. Imagine if all of a sudden you had irrational and ignorant people in charge of taxpayer money, escrow accounts, employment issues, etc. How would that serve the community?

I'd rather have people representing me who want to be there because of earnest reasons opposed to those who want to be there out of spite or retribution.

Anonymous said...

West Easton has demonstrated its inability to balance its checkbook by overexpending the general fund and receiving an adverse audit rpeor.

There is enough dirt on those lackies down there to lock them up

Anonymous said...

Correction Bernie,
I had hoped that Nancy Kutz would remain on the ballot, because she has been on the wide receiving end of the Gross Family nonsense, just as I have. The two of us would no longer put up with the status quo.

I dont care about her history. Neither one of us is running for auditor general, and maybe you should be worried about defamation, instead of throwing threats at me.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't pay to be hateful. GET OVER IT and GET A LIFE! Move on!

Anonymous said...

Is West Easton in Northampton County? I swear I've never heard of it. Anything important ever happen there?


The Borough of Chapman

Anonymous said...

Bernie, I could have told you that this lady is a whack and has caused all types of problems in the Borough. She is the worst thing that could happen if she gets on council. You can call it nepotism all you want but when the public votes, with full knowledge of the father/daughter relationship they must have the trust of the voter. By attacking them as "elected by the people" officials she is attacking every voter in West Easton. I take exception to that and will not vote for her for that reason.

Anonymous said...

Chapman, that's the best comment on here in a long time. Still laughing... Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I own an apartment complex in West Easton. Kelly Gross has done nothing but interfere with my business for years . She should have never been elctd to council. Mezzacappa is right but I dont live there and cant vote.

Kelly Gross has been abusing the diability system for many years also. She collects ofp the system and does nothing but cause problems for other ones

Anonymous said...

Tricia, I'm into irrational, let's go to the Sands like old times.

Anonymous said...

The first time I ever saw/heard Trish was when she made the comment about not getting a raise in the past 12 years (I believe she said 12) as an RN.

Based on her recent rants one can only assume why she missed out on what every other RN received during the past decade.

I thank you Bernie for bringing to this blog what the crappy newspapers leave out. I may not always agree, but at least I get some information.

To me, Trish sounds like a spoiled child throwing a tantrum.

One day I would like to run for a political office. I hope to be able to gain as much knowledge on the process from you. One thing you do know is politics. Keep up the good work (even though I don't ALWAYS agree :)).

Anonymous said...

So it is rumored,

trish/brenda needs to lay off the peroxide for a while. Her hair looks fried. She hates the public employees at Gracedale because they are competent. It is no surprise she has cozied up to the O'Hare Angle bandwagon.

But hey, who know who will win elections now a days. Crazy is in. Ask the teabaggers.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, glad you have finally seen the light.

Anonymous said...

In the world of O'Hare the minute you come into conflict with an O'Hare mancrush you are bad. Stoffa needs to get the West Easton drug addict lounge up and running, no questions allowed. Stoffa owes Abe big time and also the company that will do the "treatment". Funny howe County Council still hasn't asked how much that will cost. Too bad trish/brenda. You may be an attractive blond but O'Hare's heart belongs to Stoffa, Angle and all the other mancrushes.

Anonymous said...

I have met Ms. Mezacpppa a number of times and she knows what she is doing. We are glas someone is running against this family because they keep raising taxes.

I will vote, and not for Gross

Anonymous said...

I am hearing all types of rumors. Now I think I understand, finally! Your number is not listed, mine is. If you posted that comment, call me. BTW, I think you may be surprised at what I should not be telling you.


turning point said...

that's what you get bo for someone faking you out with a little skin and pizza. the broad is obviously half crazed and a user. you should really try harder to choose your friends. you have made so many mistakes in the past. you would think you would learn from your mistakes.
one might be concerned about video taping and protection.

a woman (broad) scorned.......

Anonymous said...

I like the "Gross family cartel" reference because it is spot on. They are a cartel. That is the best description of this corrupt family that I have ever heard. That landscaping business is run off the books, and they took a kick-back from the jail developer.

Anonymous said...

I used to live on ridge street in west easton. that girl trish would walk down the street in those tights and i would look out the window to see that great ass, but my wife made us move out. now we live in betjlehem. hey trish , good luck sweetie, remember me?

Anonymous said...

Give me some facts about the taxes in West Easton...I mean if the taxes were 1 mil and they raise them 1 mil in the seven years you could say they raised taxes 100%. Give me some real numbers Trish/Brenda/Trudie/Anonymous/ETC/ETC

Anonymous said...

I hope like Hell she didn't give up that fine ass to O'Hare. The mere thought is disgusting.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Before tonight's Council meeting, and for the first time in many years, I heard from Kelly Gross. She's the member of West Easton Borough Council being attacked by Mezzacappa. Kelly tells me that she is paid $600 per year and her father, the Mayor, receives $750. She told me she began doing some of the office work there voluntarily after a person in the office died unexpectedly. She told me the Borough does what it can to save money for the taxpayersm, and has been using the same truck for 21 years.

I knew Kelly Gross when she searched titles. After that, she went to Kidspeace, and was viciously assaulted there. She sustained many life-threatening injuries and is still recovering from the experience. It left physical and emotional scars, as something like that would do to anyone.

Kelly likely does qualify for some kind of disability, but she called to tell me that she has never applied for disability of any kind. So Mezzacappa's complaints about her supposed abuse of disability is factually inaccurate.

This is a claim that Mezacappa has made repeatedly, including a comment on Patch that editors wisely deleted.

Tricia, you are so convinced that the Gross' are evil that you just assume the worst without checking anything out.

Please stop the nonsense. You are wasting a good mind.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"I dont care about her history. Neither one of us is running for auditor general,"

When it is conduct involving dishonesty, like theft or bad checks, the history is highly relevant.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, can you confirm that you are a disability collecting louse on the tit of the taxpayer?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Tricia is attractive and I pointed that out in my post. Perhaps that was a mistake on my part.

Her physical attributes are irrelevant to this discussion, and additional commentary along that line will be deleted.

Anonymous said...

The borough has been using the same truck for 21 years because they engaged legal battles that they couldnt afford and lost them all.

Kelly Gross has been collecting disability for 17 years straight while working, and remaining 100% healthy


Anonymous said...

I do not usually comment but I believe there is some unjust here tonight. I know the Gross Family, even generations ago, those people have their hearts in the right place. They care and they make themselves available, very generous with their time and efforts. As a matter of fact Jerry has donated many trees that exist in the borough, he was a great coach to us many years ago when we would practice in the cinders of what is now our borough park. And Kelly, well the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. We are fortunate to have such a great first family!

Anonymous said...

She sustained injuries because she is an asshole, and got what she desrved


Bernie O'Hare said...

"Dan," Your comment is completely false and was specifically denied by Kelly Gross. We know who she is, but we don't know who you are, or whether you are even "Dan."

Bernie O'Hare said...

Now "Dan" reveals his (or should I say her) true colors as a hateful person with no humanity. I am disgusted that any person would take some kind of satisfaction in injuries to an innocent young lady. With supporters like you, Tricia should go far.

Anonymous said...

Kelly Gross and her entire pathetic family tree are the worst of the worst abusers of people in our society, and deserve any retribution they get. I nhad to move to Fla to get away from these idiots. And I sold my house for a loss.

She is a disability abusing jerk!


Bernie O'Hare said...

"Kelly, can you confirm that you are a disability collecting louse on the tit of the taxpayer?"

That's not the way it works. When you make an accusation, the burden of proof is on you. Kelly denies ever having received a dime of disability. You have presented no proof to contradict that. All you have done is establish that you are irrational and spiteful.

Bernie O'Hare said...

" I nhad to move to Fla to get away from these idiots."

And here you are, dialing into a Lehigh Valley blog from Florida. Cut the bull, Tricia.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"that's what you get bo for someone faking you out with a little skin and pizza. the broad is obviously half crazed and a user. you should really try harder to choose your friends. you have made so many mistakes in the past. you would think you would learn from your mistakes.
one might be concerned about video taping and protection."

I don't even know what this comment means, but thanks.

Anonymous said...


I have NEVER applied for or ever received a disability check. My parents wanted me to consider it in the beginning --- but I didn't want to believe or hear the word disabled.

I have worked very hard to get back on my feet literally. I refused to give up and continue to learn, adjust, pursue and succeed.


Kelly Gross

Bernie O'Hare said...


Thank you for your comment, and for not lowering yourself to the level of Tricia and her supposed supporters.

I know you went thru a very difficult time at Kidspeace, and am very sorry that someone would actually have the nerve - anonymously - to say you deserved it. People can be cruel, especially when they refuse to identify themselves.

Center for Medicare and Medicaid said...

Kelly, we received the video tape of you working and cruising around this borough, while intentionally defrauding the disability system.

The amount you now owe back to medicare for your fraud is $3,713,247.60

Please enclose a check in that amount, or face prison time

Bernie O'Hare said...

"It doesn't pay to be hateful. GET OVER IT and GET A LIFE! Move on!"

This sums up very succinctly what I have been trying to say here.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Kelly, we received the video tape of you working and cruising around this borough, while intentionally defrauding the disability system."

Stop the nonsense Tricia and please get some help.

Anonymous said...

The comments Ms. Mezzacappa has delivered to your blog are highly inappropriate and lack the level of expectation that the West Easton Borough Council Members are held to.

Spring Street Resident

Anonymous said...

I was aware that there has been some intense friction going on in West Easton Borough. I am not here to take any sides, but I read the blog and regard a Mrs. nancy kutz as a very upstanding member of our society, and was sorry to see O'Hare trash her past.

Ms. Mezzacappa is also a good citizen trying to do what is bst in our borough, and was sad to see this blog trashing her as well.

Mayor Gross and hisnfamily has done some damage to This town by allowing a jail to exist here. I went to the town hall to dispute this, but they let this happen anyway. Not sure about all this, but we need to get the Gross family out of power here nad we can vote on election day. We need a change

Anonymous said...

I have curiously read the W.E. council minutes regularly as these meetings have been occurring and a point of fact is that very few residents even attended the majority of these meetings. I remember seeing 2 or 3 on occasion. If it was such a hot topic you would think they would be there to continually show their discontent of this project. Individuals were relentless with the Gracedale issues.

Just my observation

Forks Twp

Anonymous said...

To 11:26

I'm glad you are a FORMER police officer. Your comments are a disgrace to anyone that wears the uniform.

To Trish

Have you ever seen the movie "Sybil"? It might explain alot of your fustration.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Former police officer and everyone else,

Although I get hammered whenever I delete a comment, this kind of statement doesn't really help anyone and makes you look pretty bad. I will delete any additional comments that are sexual in nature.

Bernie O'Hare said...

In fact, I am suspending comments at this point. The evening trolls will be here soon.