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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vote For Allentown's 1SGT Michael “Rich” Buckles in Chevy Competition

Chevrolet is running a contest among six Pa. servicemen called "Chevrolet Military Salute Pa." The winner gets a "one week-long vehicle loan, hometown celebration in the serviceman/woman’s honor and other surprises." It's not exactly Powerball, but it's still a very kind gesture and I'm sure the generosity will be appreciated. I'm posting about this because Chevy will let us stiff the ballot, and I'd love to see a local serviceman win.

I met the Marine Corp's 1SGT Michael “Rich” Buckles, when he ran in the Ashly 5k, which raised money for the Blue Star Mothers and a scholarship in honor of Ashly Moyer, a soldier from Emmaus who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Not only did Buckles beat me, but so did his wife.

In spite of this insult, I'm asking you to vote for him, and you can do it here. Currently, some bastard from Philly is in the lead, and we can't have that anymore.

Here's what Chevy has to say about Top Sarge Buckles:

A native of Allentown, 1st Sgt. Buckles has honorably served his country for 17 years. He has been deployed five separate times in support of the Global War on Terrorism, and currently serves as the Inspector-Instructor 1st Sgt. in his hometown, ensuring the health, welfare and professional development of 126 Marines and sailors. According to his commanding officer, he also handles one of the most solemn duties of the United States Armed Forces; he exercises genuine care and sincere devotion that is synonymous with caring for our fallen servicemen and women and their families during the conduct of condolence and casualty assistance calls. Taking time out of his personal life, Buckles developed the Marine-n-Me summer camp program in West Reading. His peers describe him as “an exemplary citizen-soldier who is truly respected, admired and a model to be emulated.”


zorn said...

thank you sir for your dedication

Anonymous said...

Do i have to choose? Can't i vote for all of the above? My hope is they all stay safe and well.

Anonymous said...

OMG RICH!! I am SOO proud of you.. When I used to look around at us at EL Toro, You always were the BEST MARINE THROUGH and THROUGH.. Sure Wilcox employed a team for cardboard cammies and mirrored boots.. But when things needed Buckles was clutch!!

Love You DD,