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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hanover Township 2012 Budget Will Be Ready in October

Hanover 's Volunteers 
At their September 13 meeting, Hanover Township Manager Jay Finnigan told Supervisors that he will present a draft budget during the October 11 meeting. He declined to state whether it will include a tax hike.

According to Finnigan, there will be increases in the annual payment to the Bethlehem Area Public Library, as a result of an increased population. U.S. Census figures show that the number of residents has increased 13.6%, from 9,563 in 2000 to 10,866 in 2010.

Finnigan stated that the budget will also depend on the cost of the police protection provided by Colonial Regional Police.

Other than The Bethlehem Press, nobody from the public was at this meeting.

"Did you open the door, Vince?" Finnigan asked Public Works Director Vince Milite.

"Yes, I did. How do you think he [referring to the reporter] got in here?" answered Milite.


Anonymous said...

What time did the meeting begin 12:01 AM ?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Looks like it was the September 13 meeting.

Ryan Critchett said...

That's interesting. Especially the rise in people in the area. Interesting to know those kinds of things. The question is, are more of those people actually going to the library? Hmmmm..

Anonymous said...

Those meetings sound really boring, especially since no one ever attends them. It's like Star Wars model club for government wonks.

Hanover Township seems like a lonely place. Where's all the excitement?


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