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Friday, July 09, 2010

Noel Jones on Easton's Difference in Dem Politics


noel jones said...

Thanks for the link, Bernie! And please let us know what happens with your membership on the committee--have you had a chance to do a close reading of the state bylaws? And does anyone know whether committee membership can be terminated through city/county/state Dem Cmte mtgs?

I agree with Bob Freeman, that we begin to go down a slippery slope when we start to cherry pick people to kick off of Dem committees because they've supported Republican candidates--a lot of gray area there...

Bernie O'Hare said...

I'll take a gander at the by-laws tomorrow. At the meeting, someone said they are on the state site. That's not true, but I found them.

I can't be removed without some sort of due process. Under a section that Joe Long failed to mention, I can't be removed without a full hearing. I can be removed by the county committee, but only in accorance with their rules. If there are none, then I get a state hearing.

It's true that I do support the person over the party, but the provision cited by Long is ambiguous. He says support within two years. What two years? The last two years? The two years before my election? After? It's unclear.