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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bethlehem 'Canes Win Berth at ECTB National Championship

On Saturday, it was so hot that even horse races were canceled. But 10 year-old boys from four different states were still playing baseball in Allentown's Fountain Park and Bicentennial Stadium. Parents were dropping like flies, but the kids had a blast, trying out big barrel bats they could not use in little league.

The Bethlehem Canes, a feeder team for Liberty High School made up of boys from several little leagues, played in soaring heat on Saturday and Sunday, only to be rained out on Sunday afternoon. They resumed play in Bally yesterday at 5 PM, and ended up winning their second tournament in a row. What's nice about this one is they now have a free entry to the national ECTB series in Orlando, later this year.

Justin Schmoyer the Destroyer, who had a new big barrel, hammered at least four moon shots in this tournament, including two in one game.

Here's their record over the weekend.

Defeated Brooklyn Park Bulldogs, 10-3. (This team is actually from Maryland and deserves a trophy just for their colorful uniforms).
Defeated Black Diamonds, 16-10. (This team is from Frackville, my mom's home town).
Defeated West Jersey Wildcats, 9-5. (Bordentown, NJ).
Defeated Triple Threat Bearcats 10-3. (Gilbertsville, PA).
Defeated Pro-Skills Baseball Academy, 10-8. (Cherry Hill, NJ. We though we had them and were up 10-2. Then they scored six runs in the top of the 6th.)

The short video above includes the Canes and Pro-Skills, hamming it up after the championship game.

Next week, football starts.

I have lots of stories to tell, but they can wait a day.

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