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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Angle: "Our Bridges are in Horrible Condition"

"I've been on Council eleven years. How long have I been complaining about bridges?"

"Eleven years."

That's an exchange between Northampton County Council Prez Ron Angle and Budget Administrator Doran Hammon during yesterday's Finance Committee meeting. It is an annual refrain.

Northampton County owns around 115 bridges, and repairs to one of them are being considered. Angle explained that Counties got into the bridge business because they have deeper pockets than many of the small municipalities. "The average bridge lasts 50-60 years. We must replace or repair two bridges every year or we'e going to end up having to do thirty at one time. Our bridges are in horrible condition, but nobody pays attention to bridges. Bridges don't vote."

Fortunately, one of those bridges, located in Lehigh Township, is being replaced this year. Liquid fuel tax funds can be used for bridge repairs, but only if they are 20' or longer. This bridge, which is less than 20', is being funded by bond money.

Exec John Stoffa noted that a bridge study is completed bi-annually. Stoffa and his Lehigh County counterpart, Don Cunningham, have made bridges a priority.


Anonymous said...

The only difference being Cunningham meant what he said and has done things. Stoffa does what he does and says things. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

try looking beyond the fiscal year and do as angle suggest before you dig your fiscal hole even deeper

Anonymous said...

Fix the bridges !