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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Prostitution Rate Doubles in Hellertown?

There previously was one, and now, there may be two.

Hey, that's what Stephanie Kovacs claims, and she should know. She lives there. She blames the Casino, and as Hellertown's voice on the gaming authority, is doing what she can to steer money there.

Hookers apparently scrawl their phone numbers on men's room walls at the casino. I tried to check that claim last night, but too many U.S. Senators were hitting on me.


Anonymous said...

[Caution: This comment not related entirely to post.]

Where does construction on the hotel accross from Sand stand? Now that the casino has table games, I always suspected that the casino would once again play a wait-and-see-if-this-venture-is-viable game with the hotel and put construction on hold. Spoke w/ someone who drives by there often who indicated that no meaningful progress is being made. Any insight?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I don't know but know someone who does and should see him tonight. If I do, I'll ask and let you know.

Blah Society said...

Even if they're not going to finish the hotel any time soon, PLEASE BETHLEHEM FINISH THE ROAD CONSTRUCTION!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the projected opening date is May 2011. I have the sinking feeling if we experience another economic downturn this Fall (likely), the hotel site will go silent once more.

Anonymous said...

Well I hope to move from a county government job to a job of hospitality... I'm warm and friendly, I just don't fit in here at the courthouse ;-) Lay me off Stoffa. I dare you.