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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Angle Establishes Reward Box For County Workforce

"Nobody knows better how to do a job than the guy doing it."

That's what Northampton County Council Prez Ron Angle said at today's finance committee meeting, where he announced the establishment of a reward based suggestion box for the County workforce. He is funding it with $2,000 of his own money, and is offering rewards between $100 and $500 to workers who come up with cost-saving or revenue-generating ideas.

Have an idea? Write a note and drop it off for Angle at the County Council Clerk's office.


Anonymous said...

He can have this one for free. Eliminate all the exempt positions given to each Department Head. Those positions are just a carryover form patronage days and serve no real purpose.

Your welcome!

Anonymous said...

the commode. an excellent place for ohare and angle. these two are making stoffa look good

Anonymous said...

can the employee choose between money and tastykakes in honor of past recipients of his beneficence? Its always a good feeling giving away money earned from good deeds from the past.

Anonymous said...

I don't wish to be negative, however, why didn't this news come down from Frank Flisser? Why do I have to read this in a third-party blog? This is an example of the "higher" ups not communicating to their employees in an effective manner.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Well, you are being negative. Nothing like the anonymous cowards who slam Angle even when he puts up his own money in a bid to save the county $, but you really are complaining.

First, what happened just happened at a public meeting and this blog reports a lot of what happens in the county. You can't expect government to move as fast as me or a newspaper. Instead of being appreciative of the idea or to the people who tell you about it, you complain that you should have heard about this in some other way.

Second, Frank Flisser is not a "higher up". He's just like you and me and is not your boss. He would not be the person who would have an obligation to notify you. No doubt the word will come out via all the proper channels, but the point of a blog or newspaper is to get the word out while the point of government is government.

Anonymous said...

How to lose 20 pounds of ugly fat. cut off your head.

Anonymous said...

These guys are clueless. Is there anyone out there that is both smart and experienced who understands the details of county government. If there is, please apply for County Executive, County Council President or both. Also not an egomaniac or someone with an axe to grind. Also someone who is not worried about multiple terms. I have an idea of someone I wish would run but we'll see.

Good Lord!

The Employee Coalition

Anonymous said...

Want to cut down on the cost of judges, get Onumbro to do a better job of scheduling. As reported here in the past, he will have senior judges come in and work for the per diem when the elected judges have trials that do not go to court, and thus have nothing left to do. This all happens knowing that X number of trials will be settled and not actually go in front of a judge.

If he would schedule the elected judges, who get paid regardless, to do some of the non-trial work that does not get cancelled, we will get more work from the highly paid judiciary and save money by giving less to the sr. judges.

Clem said...

Angle's intentions are honorable, and the fact that he put up his own dough is commendable.

I've seen this implemented in 1,000+ employee private sector organizations as well, though always with company resources backing it up. Unfortunately, the introduction of such programs usually indicate crisis and poor/incompetent senior and middle management. Some value and goodwill will be gained, an equal or greater amount of cynicism among those being encouraged is likely.

Imagine if the rank and file got together and came to management with a similar proposal: "We're just not sure how to do our jobs, so we've taken up a collection and will give you bonuses if you come and figure it out for us." They would be summarily shitcanned.

Ron Angle is very smart, as are most of the others who manage the county government. They know what is wrong. Their quandry is that much of what is wrong is supported, no, empowered by very bad law. The real fix for government excess requires someone of Jeffersonian character and courage. With all due respect, I don't think the Founders had a suggestion box.

They LED.

ConcernedInNorco said...

As much as I have disagreed with Angle and O'Hare I happen to think this is a very good idea.

How many of us have often said about the administration that "they don't know what they are doing" or that "they should listen to their employees more."

This is your chance to voice your opinions. They may not necessarily be implemented, but at least they will be considered. Which is more than most can hope for.

Credit where credit is due.

You see Bernie we don't always have to disagree.

Anonymous said...

Eliminate all Department Heads and supervisory positions. Frankly, not one Department needs supervisors. The workers can handle themselves with oversight from the Executive's office. The County will save tons of bucks. This is a serious recommendation. Name one Department Head and supervisor that are working really hard. If they are, its because they have not enabled their staffs to think on their own and do what is right.

Bernie O'Hare said...

You're certainly wlecome to make recommendations here, but the ones that count are the ones forwarded to the County.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure all suerpisors can be cut, that would be tought to implement. I know of experienced former Department heads who would take on these challenges for half the pay as a help to the County and for the challenge of helping the County and taxpayers through this crises. I doubt it will even be considered as it is politics as usual in Northampton county.

Anonymous said...

Money saving tip:

If it's yellow, let it mellow.
If it's brown, flush it down.

Anonymous said...

Eliminate multiple supervisors per office. Some offices have 3 & 4 supervisors for say 9 or 10 people. Makes no sense. That will save money!!