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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Are IronPigs' Fireworks a Bad Thing?


Lighthouse said...

MD says, "the people who benefit from the fireworks are those who live out of town". . . reads, City Councilman says don't come to Allentown for the Pigs, or for that matter the "Great" Allentown Fair, you make to much noise while spending your money in our town. I say this in some jest.

I can appreciate the Councilman's concerns, while pointing out that Allentown fought other Lehigh Valley sites to get the Stadium. Allentown wanted it, remember? Besides, the fireworks are typically only on select Friday nights, don't last that long, and are over around 10:00 give or take...only several nights out of 365. I don't know how many others are like me, but if it wasn't for the Pigs (and Patriot Park), I'd never be spending money in Allentown.

Anonymous said...

Fireworks are just on the weekends right?

Get over it.

Michael Donovan said...


People like to sleep on weekends, too. And it is a baseball game, not a rock concert. If I go, I do to watch the game.

So, I guess you would like to have them next to you?

One constituent who is very displeased with the noise, said that he could be willing to accept less of the "boom-boom-boom." I agree with that suggestion.

I live far enough away not hear them, but I would be very upset if I did live nearby.

Finally, the display does not always "end by 10:00," especially if there has been a rain-delay or long ballgame.

Best regards,

Michael Donovan

Bernie O'Hare said...

I know plenty of people who pull out their lawn chairs to watch on Friday nights.

Anonymous said...

People pack the stadium for games when there will be fireworks after. Wah Wah, when you pack that stadium more money is coming into area....I don't need to go on. But I find this to be a little over the top to complain about the fire works. Where the hell are there even houses close by?

Michael Donovan said...


Sound travels, or did you not hear?

The complaints come from East Allentown and Center City.

And while some people may like the fireworks, the noise does present problems to others.

When does a good thing become too much? And do not we have any compassion for people who might be bothered by the excessive noise?

No. We seem to live in a world that says, "if I like it, the hell with you."

My suggestion to the Pigs is to consider the issue and compromise in some way.

Best regards,


LVCI said...

Personally I think these people would have had a hellva lot more issue with the LV Int. Airport jets for the past 20 years. I live way over on the other side of town and it's sounds like NASA lifting off a shuttle. I would think planes flying in and out 10x's a day (everyday) would be a far larger issue.

Passenger jets are required to have jet suppression Cargo planes are not. When these cargo jets fly overhead it shakes my house 25 blocks away from where these very same people who are basically within their flight paths. I particularly appreciate those three 4:00-5:00 AM flights. I think this fireworks thing is being a bit NIMBY if they had no complaints filed prior with these jets.

Besides I can't even find homes that are closer then five blocks of the stadium. I mean really! Google the satellite map. Businesses are all that surround the immediate park area. This is such a none issue!!!

Michael D. said, " We seem to live in a world that says, "if I like it, the hell with you." Same goes with the airport.. I only used it once in my 62 years but had to tolerate it. Where's the tolerance you advocate when it comes to an airport that rocks the entire city everyday several times a day??

If it's good enough for quiet several blocks around the ball park, why not for all the rest of Allentown when it comes to the airport?

Anonymous said...

md will do anything for a vote. chasing ants while the elephants are storming down the trail. typical allentown pol

Bernie O'Hare said...

If anything, the position staked out by Michael here is unpopular, so I'm not getting the vpte-pandering argument.

Michael Donovan said...


I disagree with airports that do not address the sound issue, also. Have been involved with those issues in Maine, where there are strong restrictions on flight paths and the time in which airplanes can land and take off. In other words compromise.

So, I'm practicing what I preach here. I did not say end fireworks. I said that there seems to be more than necessary, and their are those who believe that their lives are being affected by those who wish to be entertained. Quite frankly, I have to agree with them.

I lived 4 blocks from the Portland Seadogs in Portland, and they "occasionally" had fireworks. It was annoying when they occurred. However, they did not have them as frequently as the Pigs, do. The Seadogs understood the impact.

And the people who have complained to me are reasonable people. They would not do so if they were not upset with the frequency.

Finally, I would complain to the Airport authority about the cargo planes. There are always to improve things once discussion starts.

Best regards, and again, I understand your concern about the airport.


Michael Donovan said...

Dear Anon 2:33pm

You know, I suspect that there are more people out of earshot of the fireworks who like them, especially if they can see them from their porch or deck or window, or even the roof. And perhaps they do not mind staying up beyond 10pm to see them.

So, I suspect there are maybe a minority who want the frequency reduced.

Love getting those votes of the minority. Very easy to win elections that way.

In other words, your comments are .... (fill in the blank).

Anonymous said...

There's always one knucklehead who searches for the cloud while wrapped in the silver lining. Let's just send the Pigs packing and be done with the noise and inconvenience. Let them make victims of another city that would have them. Allentown doesn't need problems like the Pigs. Mike is brilliant.

Michael Donovan said...

Dear 3:27 pm.

If it is the fireworks that drags people to the Pigs, then why have baseball and all its expenses? Eh?

Just set up a nightly fireworks display. Oh. That would solve all our urban problems.

What an idea!

Censored Vixen ? said...

Minor league baseball comes with a wide array of marketing gimmickry. Many traditionalists are offended. But that's the enterprise that was lured here. Mike is now a marketing wizard. He should submit his lofty resume' to the Pigs' marketing department. How about an old fashioned ladies day? The first 1,000 conservative women get to clean Mike's pool after the game.

Michael Donovan said...


What pool?

Clem said...

Algore's MIDNIGHT BASKETBALL made a lot more noise, a lot more often, in a lot more neighborhoods than some fireworks on a few summer Friday nights.

What ever happened to that program that guaranteed the end of ghetto gunfire, anyway?

Patrick Henry said...

I seldom say this, but I agree with Michael Donovan.

The fireworks often go off late and are very frequent. The people living near the stadium shouldn't be consistently subjected to the noise. They have a right to peace and quiet in their own homes.

Personally, I enjoy the games and the fireworks when I am there. But I also can feel for those near the stadium who have to put up with the noise from the fireworks, whether they want to see/hear them or not. I particularly feel for those who might be ill; those who have to get up very early for work; or those who have babies and small children.

This is not an issue of wanting the Pigs to leave.

We could all use a little more consideration and respect for (and from) one's neighbors throughout the city, baseball teams included.

Anonymous said...

This is not just an Allentown problem. I live in West Bethlehem and we hear the fireworks. They have awaken my 2-year-old daughter on several occasions. And they have run as late as 11 p.m.

I am glad the Pigs are in the Valley, but they must be good corporate citizens. And they are tenants of the Lehigh County taxpayers, since the County owns and operates the stadium.

If Mr. Donovan had not already done so, might I suggest bringing this issue before the County Commissioners.

Michael Donovan said...

Dear Patrick,

My sentiments exactly. Thank you for your comments.

I don't mind fireworks. It is the excessive noise and frequency that just might be diminished so that all parties are a little bit happier.

Best regards, and to anon 10:31, I hope we can find a solution so that your family can sleep.