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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our Busy State House

According to Harrisburg Online, the PA House of Representatives will be really busy the rest of this year. They'll meet for nine days in September, three in October, and five in November. A total of seventeen days.

Maybe they should vote themselves another raise.


LVCI said...

Just enough floor time to pass a whole bunch of resolutions.

What would be the point of meeting? They already spent all the money by August anyway.

Clem said...

We should have skipped that special election. Private business leaves positions open all the time, to save the salary.

Considering Ms. Hahn won't end up putting in too much work for the peeps, and will have such little input in her legislative infancy, we would not have lost much.

Anonymous said...

They do enough harm in the limited time they show up. We should lock them out altogether.

Anonymous said...

We have the best legislature that money can buy.

Anonymous said...

I hope all that work doesn't get in the way of Bob Freeman's busy schedule. He's been playing the invisible man in an off-Broadway production of No-Show Pension Grabbers.

Anonymous said...

And they're considered full time, right? Just like court employees.

Anonymous said...

This is enough time for our Lehigh Valley contingent to pass those meaningful resolutions. We need to recognize mothers, maybe a tax cut for the dead. How about free cookies for every veteran over the age of 90.

Hey its hard work but someone has to do it. Budget?? What budget??

I wonder when they will address the the $28 million dollar revenue they approved without knowing where it will come from. That is certainly a creative way to balance the budget.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, we're better off when they're NOT there causing mischief and spending our money.