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Friday, June 23, 2017

NorCo Grand Jury to Investigate PSP Homicide

Five weeks ago, Pennsylvania State Police shot and killed Anthony Ardo at or near his mother's farm in Lower Mount Bethel Township. The previous day, she obtained a temporary Protection from Abuse Act Order against him. A drug addict, he had threatened to rob her. She testified that he gets "violent and abusive" when he is using. The next day, she called state police and described her son as suicidal. They found him with a fireworks mortar around his neck and opened fire after he attempted to light it.

Did Pennsylvania State Police have the right to use deadly force. They have the right to do so if they reasonably believe their lives or the lives of others are in jeopardy. But no such right exists if a man intends to use deadly force on himself.

Pursuant to state police policy, they are conducting an internal investigation, and it is nearing completion. But NorCo DA John Morganelli believes a more independent investigation is needed so that the public can be confident in the outcome. He cited a Pennsylvania DA Ass'n policy providing that a police shooting be investigated by another department and reviewed by the county DA.

So regardless what Pennsylvania State Police is doing, Morganelli will use the Northampton County grand jury to investigate the shooting, the investigation and the propriety of state policy policy that permits them to investigate themselves.

You can see his remarks above.


Anonymous said...

They killed him to stop him from committing suicide?

Bernie O'Hare said...

They may have reasonably believed that other lives were in danger, including their own.

Anonymous said...

I think John knows the shooting was justified. From what I've read, I think so, too. But I'm glad he's independently investigating. The PSP internal review of one of their troopers undermines public confidence.

Anonymous said...

PSP is good. Although, it should not be the final say in any investigation involving its so called Troopers shooting and killing someone. The DA is absolutely on point with this one. While PSP can investigate all it wants for HR purposes, it should not be allowed to determine whether a crime was committed. Let the County Detectives and/or Grand Jury come to that conclusion. This police shooting is not clear cut as it might seem. Let the facts come out in the proper light.

Anonymous said...

"They may have reasonably believed that other lives were in danger, including their own."

I think you're on to something here.

In fact I think it is reasonably for everyone to think there life is in danger at all times, from a multitude of reasons. I think everyone who thinks there life is in danger should follow PSP's example.

It would ease traffic and there might be parking at the mall.