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Monday, June 19, 2017

Eat Chicken!

Eat chicken! Ron Angle now has four calves on his farm. The one above is getting a little kiss from his mother.

These twins are constantly at their mother. Despite her plea for help in cow language, I had no sympathy. That's what she gets for failing to take precautions.

And then there's Blizzard, a bull born during a January snowstorm.

Some people golf. Ron Angle likes to watch his cows and go to meetings.


Anonymous said...

You failed to mention that Ron Angle named the mother cow "Public" because she loves to have her picture taken and she loves being in the public eye, and he named these two young newborns "Amy and Trapp.
In your pictures it shows Amy & Trapp latched onto Publics huge mammary gland and Amy & Trapp won't stop until it is milked dry. Gotta love that farm life.

Anonymous said...

Get a room !

Anonymous said...

Bernie, public could have aborted, " the nue precausionary way" but substance could not be confuzed nor used as a replacement for anal tightening agentz! Them and themz typez are in histaria because of the possibility of agentZ being yanked from the shelvez due to there lack of substance.

Anonymous said...

Angle shouldn't letbo anywhere near these animals for obvious reasons

Anonymous said...

Is it true the mothers changed their wills to leave everything to Ron Angle? lol

Anonymous said...

What does your friend Ron Angle say about you levying the same far-fetched, groundless accusation over and over again even after the Secret Service found no absolutely NO MERIT to said fraudulent accusation?

Bernie O'Hare said...

The above comment is posted by Rolf Oeler, who threatened to kill President Barack Obama on election day for years ago. Those threats were made by him on this very blog. I deleted the threat and contacted both the Secret Service and APD. We know from Oeler that the Secret Service subsequently interviewed his neighbors. Oeler was never charged, likely bc the Secret Service has to prioritize those matters. But if it were up to me, he would be behind bars or in a mental institution. His lack of self control is evident here. This is a post about cows, and he has to talk about himself.