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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Is Water Offer to Louise Moore Park a Trojan Horse?

Louise Moore Park is a 100-acre Northampton County owned park along Country Club Road in Lower Nazareth Township. It includes picnic pavilions, hiking trails, playground, tennis courts, a softball field, and community gardens. There's also a farmhouse and barn. It is services by well water and on-site septic. So Peg Ferraro is wondering why Easton Suburban Water Authority is so anxious to provide, at its own expense, an eight-inch water line along Country Club Road, along with two-inch laterals and even a pumping station.

Northampton County Council is poised to grant an easement for this water line at its meeting tonight. Public Works Director Stan Rugis has said this will cost the water utility between $250,000-300,000.

Is this being done out of the goodness of its corporate heart? Or does the utility smell profits?

This area is precisely where a 645-unit apartment complex was pitched to Lower Nazareth Supervisors in 2014. It failed there and in subsequent appeals to Commonwealth Court.

This proposed easement should be tabled so that Lower Nazareth Township officials and residents have an opportunity to weigh in.

I see no reason why public water is so damn necessary for tennis courts and walking trails.


Anonymous said...

Something is rotten Denmark, or should I say NC.

Anonymous said...

The laterals, and to whose properties they are in front of, are the giveaway.

Anonymous said...

Someone must have the inside scoop. ESWA must be quite confident that there are future customers in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

On the up side, an 8" main means that there will be fire hydrants in the area. Good news for the fire department.

Anonymous said...

Yea, but public funds should in no way fund advertisement a list development infrastructures! O and buy the way the eagal atop monument has flown the coup Bernie.