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Friday, June 30, 2017

Cartwight Joins Dent to Take Aim at Sanctuary Cities

 Though they are on different sides of the aisle, Matt Cartwright joined Charlie Dent yesterday to support two measures - No Sanctuary for Criminals Act (HR 3003) and Kate’s Law (HR 3004) - that tighten the grip against criminal behavior by  people from foreign countries who are here illegally. Both measures passed the House, but their future in the Senate is far less certain. .

“No American family should have to face the horror and devastation that was faced by the Steinle family when their daughter, Kate, was killed by a repeat-offender felon who had been previously deported,” said Dent. “Likewise, American families should not be put at risk because their city or town has told local law enforcement officials not to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or other federal agencies. Both H.R. 3003 and H.R. 3004 promote sensible actions to address such public safety concerns. Measures such as these will seek to prevent tragedies like Kate’s murder and ensure that violent individuals are not free to roam the streets of our communities.”

The No Sanctuary for Criminals Act  (H.R. 3003) enhances public safety by clarifying the detainer authority of ICE and providing legal protections for jurisdictions that properly comply with such detainers. Additionally, the bill would withhold certain federal grants from jurisdictions that refuse to allow their law enforcement personnel to communicate with ICE.

H.R. 3003 also contains provisions that would require the detention of unlawful immigrants who are convicted of serious crimes. These provisions are referred to as Sarah and Grant’s Law, in memory of Sarah Root and Grant Ronnebeck. Both were killed by individuals unlawfully in the country. Tonight, H.R. 3003 passed by a vote of 228 – 195.

Kate’s Law (H.R. 3004)  is named in memory of Kate Steinle. In 2015, Kate was viciously murdered in San Francisco by an unlawful immigrant who had previously been convicted of multiple felonies and deported five times. H.R. 3004 substantially increases the criminal penalties for deported individuals who re-enter the country and who have been convicted of previous crimes, ranging from misdemeanors to felonies. H.R. 3004 passed the House by a vote of 257 – 1.


Anonymous said...

one problem is that the bills do not mention who pays for the detaining of the suspect.
for example
a Hispanic police Captain decides to crack down on illegal Irish folks on a Friday.
so everyone with a Irish sounding name gets checked with and ICE just happens to have a name similar to yours.
so you get to go to jail until ICE comes around to pick you up--which could be almost a week.
then you can try to convince ICE you are not the guy they want.
if you are successful well ICE will show you to the door and say "oops".
yep and you are going to want to have someones head on a pike.
not gonna happen.
of course as long as white folks are not arrested well it is no big deal if a brown skinned American goes to jail for a week.
another problem is the law does not require police to look into whether victims or witnesses are citizens or not.
however it does not prohibit police from doing so.
so the victim of the crime can be deported at the whim of the police.
so crimes will not be reported or witnesses will not come forward.

gruntled said...

Super silly argument!

Anonymous said...

Rinos belong in the wild not the hallowed halls of Congress

Anonymous said...

Sanctuary cities are illegal, end of story! Save your skin color sob story for the judge.

Anonymous said...


"They're spared the glances. The "go back to your country" slurs facing so many undocumented migrants in the US. But they live in fear. They don't call the police when there's a break in. They think twice before they bring a sick child to the emergency room. Only, they're white - and they're Irish.

An estimated 50,000 undocumented Irish immigrants live in the United States"

some of them might have committed misdemeanors.
should all Irish sounding names get their credentials checked?
seems the police should be thorough with any Irishmen/women as they could be scary illegals.
or being white gives them a pass?

Anonymous said...

we should let everyone in, no questions asked. If they kill us, well, we deserve it after melennia of white privilege. Who cares about the law.

Anonymous said...

It's curious when both parties flip flop on states rights to suit their agendas. Democrats applaud federal everything until it comes to leaving states and cities alone when they pass sanctuary laws that thwart federal law. Republicans love states rights until it comes to marijuana, where they want to lock up joint smokers and deny medical marijuana in opposition to the wishes of majorities in numerous states.

Anonymous said...

It's hilarious that anyone would cite CNN as a serious news source, at this point. The Onion has more credibility.

Anonymous said...

There is a more immediate National crisis facing our publuc safety....this unstabke President. America's greatness is at risk.

Canary_In_Coalmine said...

Non-immigrants far exceed immigrants in the commission of crimes and out-of-wedlock births, on a per-capita basis. Moreover, immigrants are more religious, more family-oriented, more likely to start businesses, and more likely to have children who excel academically. Which is why this conservative columnist writes that he is tired of non-immigrants, people whose families have been here for a few generations, screwing up the country:


Anonymous said...

Why is it we tolerate those who break our immigration laws to stay in the United States?

Lets not forget all of the other felonies an illegal alien has to commit to live here

Identity fraud
False Social Security number
Obtaining a driver's license with false identification
Falsifying employment documents in order to obtain a job

Anonymous said...

Bernie, what side of the fence are the rest of the local political parasite leaning too, or are they sitting on the pointed edge?

Anonymous said...

do not forget the smashing penalties the employer of illegals can get.
hiring someone while knowingly using a bogus SSN.
the fine is very low last i checked.
the right wing never seems to want to punish the businesses that fuel the illegal immigration.
when hb1070 was the rage in AZ the AZ chamber of commerce was against the law cracking down on illegals because they felt that AZ would not be as competitive as other border states.
translated business would have to pay more for legal workers and they wanted to keep their cost of wages low.
so as long as a employer can make more hiring illegals they will.

Anonymous said...

1:11 Putting a really punishing fine on a business for each illegal alien hired, perhaps $100k per illegal would address that problem nicely

Not a robot said...

Trump won Cartwright's district 54% - 43%. He's going to have have cross the aisle a few times on hot-button issies. This district could definitely be competitive if Republicans were able to recruit a strong candidate.

Agent 99 said...

10:22,I believe that you are confusing legal immigrants with illegal immigrants

Anonymous said...

There are no "illegal immigrants"

The proper name is "Illegal Alien", as these are individuals who, in one manner or another, are in the United States outside of our immigration and naturalization program. They are criminals for breaking our immigration laws and other state federal statutes and are not immigrants in any way, shape or form.

Once apprehended, they are subject to removal from the United States.