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Friday, June 23, 2017

Another Judge Palmer Story

Last week, I told you three Judge Palmer stories. I received a fourth one today from a trial attorney who threatened to murder me if I dime him.

This lawyer was at one time an assistant District Attorney. He had worked out a deal with noted Allentown attorney Jerry Roth, who represented every hooker within a 50-mile radius and was called the "King of the Gypsies."  The deal was that the DA would dismiss prostitution charges against a young lady on condition that she leave the Lehigh Valley and never return. In those days, you could do that sort of thing.

This arrangement was placed on the record before Judge Palmer, and he had a few questions.

"Where are you going to go if I dismiss this case?"


"How are you going to get there?"

"I'm going to fuck my way."

"Do you realize how far that is?"


Anonymous said...

Tasteless BO.. Do you share such filth with your ACC followers ?

Anonymous said...

I love this type of humor. It's real.

And funny.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How far did she get?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I was not with her.

Anonymous said...

I heard she only made it as far as Intercourse and decided to settle there.

Anonymous said...

anon 140pm, now that's funny!

Great story Bernie, always enjoy them.

The Banker

Anonymous said...

How about virginville just west of here¡ This would be to mentor for intake services to the old juttbags similar to butt quite not like the little tents traveling gloryhole gatherers services at the carnival freek shows.

Bernie, is that how the social ills were dealt with when the dinosaurs roamed the earth?