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Friday, June 16, 2017

Louise Moore Park to Get Public Water

Louise Moore is where county employees have their annual Easter egg hunt
When someone offers to do you a favor, expecting nothing in return, it's time to check your wallet. Sowhen  Easton Suburban Water Authority proposed, its own expense, to run an eight-inch water line along Country Club Road to provide water for Louise Moore Park, Peg Ferraro and Mat Benol were concerned. , along with two-inch laterals and even a pumping station.

Louise Moore Park is a 100-acre Northampton County owned park along Country Club Road in Lower Nazareth Township. It includes picnic pavilions, hiking trails, playground, tennis courts, a softball field, and community gardens. There's also a farmhouse and barn. It is serviced by well water and on-site septic. In addition to running a water line, Easton Suburban Water Authority also offered to provide two-inch laterals and even a pumping station.

Public Works Director Stan Rugis has said this will cost the water utility between $250,000-300,000.

Is this being done out of the goodness of its corporate heart? Or does the utility smell profits?

This area is precisely where a 645-unit apartment complex was pitched to Lower Nazareth Supervisors in 2014. It failed there and in subsequent appeals to Commonwealth Court.

Peg Ferraro told Council last night that her concerns were answered after speaking to a Supervisor and several residents. Matt Dietz spoke to Lower Nazareth Manager Timm Tenges,who told him that the water utility is simply making an upgrade.

This upgrade will come with fire hydrants,too.

So at their meeting last night, Northampton County Council voted 8-1 to grant an easement. The sole dissenter was Mat Benol.  

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sezary said...

It certainly is naive to believe that there is no financial incentive for Easton Suburban Water to offer to do this for NorCo. Good for the county, but also good for ESW. Win-win.