Friday, May 28, 2021

Updated: Hutnik Unofficially Wins Disputed Magisterial District Judge Nomination

After thorough canvassing and an audit of the entire district, Susie Hutnik has unofficially won the Democratic nomination for Magisterial District in Palmer and Forks Tp. She beat rival Lisa M Spitale by six votes. 

I explained the canvassing process in the post below and told you results would be audited today. That  was complete as of 11 am and there is no need for a tie breaker. 

The result in this race would be close enough to trigger an automatic recount if it were a statewide race. In a local race like this one, a group of voters could request a recount on the basis of fraud or error. This no doubt is why Administrator Charles Dertinger conducted an audit of the entire district. 

Barring a challenge by Spitale, Hutnik will face Wilson police officer Marc Crisafulli in November. 


Sandra Weiss said...

Congrats Susie I know you will make a Great Magistrate You have great experience

Anonymous said...

Sounds fishy to me.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Really. "Sounds fishy," with nothing more, translates into "I don't like the result." If you have an actual basis for complaint, file it in court. Otherwise, you are just another goofy conspiracy theorist.