Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Joyce Moore Wins Dem Nod in Lehigh County District Five.

Joyce Moore has defeated Omar Ray, (1,877-1,136) for the Democratic nomination to District Five of Lehigh County's Board of Commissioners. This district covers the southern portion of Lehigh County. Moore is currently a Upper Milford Comm'r. What's interesting about this victory is that Lehigh Valley For All Some endorsed Ray.  

Moore will face incumbent Comm'r Jeffrey Dutt in November.  


Joyce K Moore said...

I'm an Upper Milford Township Supervisor presently. The race in Lehigh County District Five has not technically been called yet, as there are some mail ballots in one precinct that have not yet been tabulated. I can't imagine the final figure will change the outcome, though.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yes, there is no "Upper Mount Milford," lol. None of the races are official, but you have won. It is mathematically impossible for you to lose at this point.