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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

McClure, Phillips Predict Wins in Exec Race

Lamont McClure and Phillips Armstrong are seeking the Democrat nomination to County Executive in Northampton and Lehigh County respectively. Both are incumbents. Neither has a Democratic  opponent. "I think I might win," cautiously predicted McClure, late this afternoon. "Me, too!" echoed Armstrong.   

I refuse to call it. Do they think I'm Fox News?  


Anonymous said...

Tremendous upsets and wild results in a muni primary. McClure is lucky Tara did not run against him. Woman power rules!!

Anonymous said...

McClure shouldn't boast. If anyone decent would have run, he would be out. Employees hate him. God help us all for four more years.

Anonymous said...

McClure went on about not saying he received more vote than any executive in history and then said it anyway. The king of self-promoters is still the king!