Thursday, May 20, 2021

My Election Day Stories

For the past decade or so, I worked as an election judge on elections day. I stopped because it's a very long day and  it's impossible to do that and update you with election day stories. I'm beginning to think I made a mistake. Below is a list of my election day stories. There are 19 of them. Feel free to add your perspective in the comments.

Julio Guridy Has Lead in Allentown Mayoral Race, But MIBs Need to Be Counted (Julio thought he had won last night and was miffed that his opponents had failed to concede)

The Latin Vote Has Finally Arrived in Allentown (Victor Martinez of La Mega radio has played a huge role)

Three Lehigh County Judge Races Will Be Decided in November

Joyce Moore Wins Dem Nod in Lehigh County District Five

Van Scott and Amy Zanelli Will Square Off in November for Disputed W Bethlehem, Fountain Hill Judgeship

Tori Morgan Gets the Boot in South Whitehall

Willie Reynolds Wins Resounding Victory in Bethlehem

Bryan Bounced in Bethlehem

NorCo Council Race: Everybody Wins!

Mail-in Ballots Have Made Sleepy Municipal Races More Interesting

Tuerk Unofficially Wins Allentown Mayoral Primary

Allentown City Council: Mota, Hendricks, Santos & Zucal

Magisterial District Judge Roy Manwaring Defeats Will Carpenter in North Bethlehem

Magisterial District Judge Pat Broscius to Face Andrew Tupone in Bethlehem Tp

Atty Lisa Spitale to Face Wilson Cop For Palmer Tp Magisterial Seat

Jordan Knisley Will Be South Bethlehem's Next Magisterial District Judge

MDJ Robert Hawke Has Challenger in Northern Tier

Matt Flower Loses Constable Bid in Moore Tp

Matt Dees Wins Coveted West Easton Constable Slot


Anonymous said...

Bernie writes:
Julio Guridy...was miffed that his opponents had failed to concede.

Boy he better get some stronger shoulders if this causes a miff.

Anonymous said...

Bernie you did a great job again this Election season. Thanks for all your hard work.

The Banker

Anonymous said...

Reminder: do NOT vote for cops. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You missed the big story...County Council got their wish and will now be Commissioners.

Anonymous said...

That's true Bernie - the Big story is our council members will now be called commissioners. Breaking news...

Write in votes will be canvased beginning Friday, and the several hundred that were cast by both R's and D's in UMBT may indicate not a "sea change" but the beginning of a turn of the tide. Developing story.

Anonymous said...

Bernie: Your blog entitled: NorCo Council Race: Everybody Wins! could be misleading. Everbody does not win. The citizens of Northampton County are wrought with enduring of Tara Zrinski still being around. That fails to be a win for Everybody!

Charlie Sc said...

I know Mr. Guridy was ahead last Tuesday night, but here are the current vote totals from the Lehigh County official site, as of 3 pm Thursday, showing Mr. Tuerk won. There might be a few provisional ballots, but not enough to change the outcome.

Ce Ce Gerlach 1,802
Ray O'Connell 1,933
Matt Tuerk 2,048
Julio Guridy 1,907

Anonymous said...

O'Connell will vote for all democrats his quote---He must be very proud of the dems just look how good Biden and his dems are doing--they are doing so good that they are being compared to jimmy Carter the greay Democratic President from Georgia.

Anonymous said...

What does 0-8 mean?

Anonymous said...

0-8 means failure out of 8 chances