Monday, May 17, 2021

South Whitehall Tp: The Candidate Interviews

Thank you to Brad Osborne, former S Whitehall Tp Comm'r, for his Comm'r candidate interviews. On Elective Eve, here are links to all eight of them. 

1) Is South Whitehall Tp Headed in Right Direction?

2) Why No Audit For 10 Years

3) Civility in South Whitehall

4) How Should Vacancies Be Filled in S Whitehall

5) What Role Do South Whitehall Comm'rs Have in Union Talks?

6) When is a Development Waiver Appropriate

7) Should South Whitehall Preserve Farmland

8) Overlay Districts and Compact Growth?


Anonymous said...

Many thanks Bernie and Brad for all these posts. Really gives a picture of what is going on in south whitehall.
I’m still amazed neither Setton or morgan took time to answer. What does that say about them? Maybe they think they will just get the votes even if the keep their ideas secret?
The audit thing is just too much to let go. Ten years and no one checked the books? Bet they will hurry and finish them now because Brad made it public, sad that it takes , a blog to get people to do what is right.
I will not vote for the incumbent people. They had a chance to answer this blog so we knew their promises. They didn’t earn my vote.
And it’s time for someone new to do what is right. Developers have been given whatever they want. Taxes keep going up and up but why?
Time to sweep out the old and let the new people have a chance to work to make things better.

Anonymous said...

Sadly the old guard of nonsense will win and the destruction of South Whitehall Township will continue

Maybe they will complete the take over by Allentown and Hite Fed Ed Pawlowski as a manager someday.

Anonymous said...

Not if people get out there and vote them out of office. Get out and vote people!!! If you want change you have to make it happen! The polls open tomorrow (5/18) at 7am.

Anonymous said...

5/18 at 8 am, no line more people handing out campaign propogannda then actual voters. You shouldn't have pissed off Tori Morgan, her wrath is fierce

Anonymous said...

good to see Tori Morgan winning

Anonymous said...

Wow I Think Morgan lost the queen lost her final
Game of chess ..