Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Matt Dees Wins Coveted West Easton Constable Slot

West Easton Borough Council member Matt Dees has won the Borough's highly coveted West Easton Constable race after a hard fought race against ... nobody. The current occupant of that office, Tricia Mezzacappa, is indisposed. 

Mezzacappa was picked up on a bench warrant after refusing to comply with probation conditions imposed by Judge Stephen Baratta. At a subsequent probation revocation hearing, Judge Baratta mused that he wants to release her, but she mist submit to a psychiatric evaluation first. "If anyone needs a psychiatric evaluation, it's you," Mezzacappa reportedly responded.

She also handed Judge Baratta a handwritten piece of paper stating she would abide by probation conditions if he ordered me to stay away from her. According to Mezzacappa, I am responsible for her mother's death as well as a lawsuit filed against her by her sisters.  

Mezzacappa is currently a guest at Monroe County's big house.  She was transferred there from Northampton  County's jail after she threatened  to sue everyone. She's already got into a fight there. She's fitting in. 

Dees is looking forward to his new challenge. "I've got balls the size of death stars," he assured me. He has also warned me to stay out of West Easton, and I will. 


Matt Dees said...

Respect my authoritah!


For you and your readers, I had posted on my campaign website that I ran for constable to ensure Mezzacappa didn't slide into the position again with 10 write-in votes on a blank slate, as she did in 2015.

When I made the decision to put my name on the ballot, Mezzacappa had not yet been convicted of filing a false police report, my letter to Governor Wolf asking for her removal had been ignored, and there was concern in the borough that she might somehow escape justice and end up terrorizing the populace for another 6 years, if she were to solicit enough votes in November.

I have made it clear that I will do as little as possible as Constable. I will not be seeking work from the borough, or the courts. I won't be prancing around with a gun, a badge, or a baggy "CONSTABLE" shirt. I won't be harassing neighbors, chasing cars that roll through stop signs, leaving tow threats on cars, or threatening to have adult autistic children arrested because they make noise.

Basically, I'll be a place holder in the position for 6 years. I most certainly won't consider myself a real police officer, as Mezzacappa did.

I plan on being so invisible, West Easton will forget they have an elected Constable. Considering the amount of votes I received, I think my campaign of returning sanity to the Constable position and not acting like an idiot was exactly what the residents of West Easton wanted.

P.S. Not, "Death Stars," but I do carry an impressive light saber.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Can you make me a deputy?

Anonymous said...

Why does this little dink borough have it's own constable, anyway? I still say it should become part of Easton.

Anonymous said...

I actually feel bad that's Mezzacappa is incarcerated, especially now that you're reporting that she's getting into fights. Clearly, she needs mental health treatment. But...on the flip side, perhaps being incarcerated will be a blessing in disguise. Having her freedoms revoked she'll get a different perspective of her criminal justice system. She'll get to know other convicts and their stories. She may start to feel empathy and start to be deprogrammed.

According to articles I read, this is what is starting to happen to many of the incarcerated Capitol insurrectionists. Even, the Qanon Shaman's attorney is fighting to get his client into mental health treatment saying, "These are people with brain damage... they've been indoctrinated".

She most likely needs to confront her cognitive distortions of her values, beliefs and interpersonal needs for power (Constable), control (refusal of probation requirements) and oppression (framing a black man).

She needs help to focus and change the foundational structure of her thinking and beliefs about herself and others. When her cognitive distortions are challenged, she might be able to concentrate on her accountability and culpability for her behavior and start to empathize with others and begin to value others and the wonderful differences we all have.

Anonymous said...

1:50 AM in the morning, you must have a little dink to write something so stupid, Do you research this Community has millions of dollars in reserve. They have more things going for it then any other borough in Northampton County. Starting with the beginnings of a police department which some of the bigger communities either got rid of or dropped out of a colonial force. Fire department which ever community must have, or a contract with another community for their fire service. Every community gets liquid fuel tax to repave the streets in proportion to the mileage, they use the liquid fuels and save money to do all the streets. Do you live in a community with bad streets? Look around you do. Be a part of Easton with their millage at 24.95 for property tax in West Easton at 11.7, Your brain on top of your head is a little dink too. By the way every community puts a Constable on the ballot.

Anonymous said...