Monday, May 10, 2021

Transparency? Accountability? Lynch Misses Deadline for Campaign Finance Report

Steve Lynch, the unopposed GOP candidate for Northampton County Executive, has promised to provide transparency and accountability to local government. He even vowed to provide quarterly reports of his campaign finance, enabling you to follow the money. But guess what? There's been no quarterly report. More importantly, he just missed the filing deadline for the pre-primary campaign finance report required by law. It was due on Friday. Instead of providing the accountability and transparency promised and required by law, he was in Ocean City, MD.  

Incumbent Executive Lamont McClure filed his preprimary report early last week and ahead of schedule. His money comes mostly from unions and people who owe their jobs to him.  To me, the real story was the $180,000 warchest, something I've never seen in the beginning stages of an executive race.  

You can criticize McClure for accepting these funds, but he's told you who they are. He's been accountable and transparent. Lynch has already broken the law and prefers to keep you in the dark.

He will be fined, and on a daily basis, until he files his report. Moreover, he must pay this fine from his own pocket. 


Anonymous said...

Lynch may have indeed been late filing his report, due by close of business Friday.

But I find it interesting that you are reporting a report as being filed late when there would have been no time for you to find that out.

Are you in contact with county employees after normal business hours?

Anonymous said...

That should have been expected from this clown and his ilk

Bernie O'Hare said...

6:03, I had time to find out. I was in contact at COB that day. Instead of looking for reasons to attack me, it's time you realize your candidate is terrible.

Anonymous said...

If he raised or spent less than a certain amount isn't there an exemption?

Anonymous said...

@8:38 am... that amount is $250. He has done Facebook Live videos showing that he has shirts and hats for sale. He also had a matching campaign on Facebook and did a Facebook Live showing him going to get the matching $3,000 check. So if it was truly matching he should have at min $6,000 which is clearly above the limit to file.

My guess is he also had to put something down to reserve the Hotel Bethlehem for his Friday night fundraiser this week. We know that Bruce Haines does nothing for FREE!

This is doing no extra digging it is just stuff he has shared on Facebook and using "common sense and critical thinking" to borrow a common phrase from Mr. Lynch!

Anonymous said...

"Are you in contact with county employees after normal business hours?"

You bet your behind he is and they are in constant contact with him Bernie O'Hare is a McClure campaign person and his top apologist. You will get no fairness in this race when it comes to this blog.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Barron??? at 9:42, should you not be working for the county taxpayers at that hour and not trolling Mr. Lynch and spending time on this site? People are well aware of your participation. You should do it on your off hours, if at all.

Anonymous said...

@9:42 "He has done Facebook Live videos showing that he has shirts and hats for sale."

Were they tin foil hats? Asking for a friend.

JFC -this is what the GOP has become... Cringe-worthy losers supported by angry at everything dullards. "Ooooh! A hat/shirt/flag with his name on it! What a wonderful keepsake! I must have it!"

Anonymous said...

@1:51 am... isn't it past your bedtime?