Friday, May 07, 2021

Civility in South Whitehall Township

Blogger's Note: This is the third installment of Brad Osborne's questions to South Whitehall Tp Comm'r candidates.  

The South Whitehall Board of Commissioners has historically been known to conduct themselves with professionalism and respect. Just the opposite in the last 16 months, though. Even citizens and business people are now experiencing vitriol being directed at them by board members. 

Today’s question asks the candidates how they would address this acerbic behavior.

Today’s Candidate Question: How would you bring civility and respect back to the Board of Commissioners?

Christina “Tori” Morgan (R): No response.

Joe Setton (D): No response.

David Kennedy (R): This has already started with the resignation of a commissioner who, no matter what the topic, always had something to say to the minority in a derogatory manner. I would allow all commissioners to be heard and respect their opinions. I may not agree with them, but I would hear them out and be respectful of their thoughts and ideas. We need to encourage discussion, not attacks. The President of the BOC should not tell the BOC what to do; the President should facilitate open conversation so that all BOC members are heard.

Monica Hodges (R): I would treat fellow commissioners, staff, citizens and all who come before the board with respect, courtesy, and kindness. I would find ways to work together, even when we have honest disagreements. Good people can disagree and still have respectful discussions. I would actively listen and encourage feedback and inclusivity. I would request follow-ups to citizens’ concerns. As a community, we must elect people who have the citizens’ best interests in mind and who are willing to compromise to come up with solutions that best serve our citizens in a vital, collaborative effort.

Thomas J. Johns (D): My goal for bringing civility and respect to the Board is first and utmost, to be civil and respectful myself. I recognize that differing opinions exist in any governing body.


Anonymous said...

Brad, I know you said you are committed to being objective and “calling balls & strikes”, but I have to ask you something. Do you think the South Whitehall board can ever regain the public’s trust and respect? After Tori Morgan’s attack dog Mad Matty left the board in a huff, Morgan herself seems bent on continuing the same aggressive behavior in his absence. Why else would she attack a fellow board member by saying he told an “out-and-out lie” when she could simply say she disagreed with him?

I’m concerned about the future of the township with the board president exhibiting such unhinged behavior.

Anonymous said...

Thats what happens to people who hang with Matt Mobilio ! And Tori's friends with Ben Long too. So if Ben gets in , there goes the 3-2 votes again....I wll bet money on it. She needs to go !!! and Setton ! Need new commissioners to get the mess cleaned up ! AND ONE MORE DEFINATE.......MATT IS PROBABLY COACHING TORI ON THE SIDE ! He commented how he will get revenge. Tori goes, Renee goes ! Sit back and watch and see if anyone gets jail time. Township is in deep mud and cant get out of these audits.

Brad Osborne said...

Not with the current leadership, no. A good friend once told me that “Trust is truth over time.” There is simply not enough time left before the election to rebuild the relationship, nor does there seem to be the motivation to do so. It’s unfortunate.

Anonymous said...

Many allentownian employees left for higher hills when the dearly departed Fed Ed was indicted. There are no coincidence's with this matter that Brad could get verified by the transfer of the pension packages.

Anonymous said...

the exodus of Steve Carr, former finance director says everything

Anonymous said...

President Trump is the leader of the Republican Party!