Wednesday, May 19, 2021

NorCo Council Race: Everybody Wins!

Ladies first! That's how Northampton County Democrats viewed their choice of NorCo Council candidates. Five candidates ran for five seats, so everybody won. But the order (Tara Zrinski, Lori Vargo Heffner, Patti Bruno, Ron Heckman, Bill McGee) was a bit surprising. Heckman and McGee are incumbents, so I'd expect them to finish ahead of Bruno. I also thought Vargo-Heffner, who can b emean-spirited, would finish last.. 

Everyone's a winner among Republican, too. I've listened to Robertone, who impresses me as the most knowledgeable of the Republicans. She came in last.  

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Anonymous said...

Since Zrinski is often the council member who earns you most critical commentary, you are commended for not tossing in a comment such as "Democrats must have totally lost their minds..." in regards to these results. You were downright charitable, you grumpy old coot! I'm sure you will make up for this in a future post.