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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Allentown City Council: Mota, Hendricks, Santos & Zucal


Now that mail-in ballots have been tallied, the unofficial winners on the Democratic side of the Allentown City Council race are Cynthia Mota (4,214), Daryl Hendricks (2,863), Natalie Santos (2,838) and Ed Zucal (2,497). All three incumbents have survived, although only a scant 18 votes separates Zucal from Palmer. Tallies could change once canvassing begins. 

On the Republican side, former police officer Tom Houck was the sole Republican candidate. There were also 446 write-ins, meaning one or more additionmal Republican candidates may emerge. 


Anonymous said...

with the way election day went Several of the people that lost on the D side may of won my write in on the R side

Bernie O'Hare said...

You barely know how to write, to say nothing of write-in.