Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Mail-in Ballots Have Made Sleepy Municipal Races More Interesting

Turnout in municipal races is historically quite low. In 2019, for example, a measly 11.25% of the registered voters showed up at Northampton County's municipal primary. This year, the turnout is 20.52%. This dramatic increase might be explained, in part, by a contested Bethlehem Mayoral primary. But it's also clear that the advent if no-excuse mail-in ballots (MIB) has increased participation and, in the end, has made our government more small "d" democratic.

In  Northampton County, 15,425 voters cast a MIB. More Democrats voted by MIB (11,258) than in person (11,215)  Republicans are still more leery.  Only 2,905 of 19,224 voters opted for this convenience.  Republican turnout was higher. The unofficial results show that 24.46% of Republicans voted, while a slightly less 22.89% of Democrats exercised their franchise. Still, Republicans have handicapped themselves by obstinately refusing to avail themselves of this convenient and secure way to vote. 

On Thursday, I'll update you on the magisterial races and the grand finale in Allentown. I need to get some sleep. 

What I know for now is that (1) Allentown voters appear to have rejected the more divisive candidates, like Gerlach and Justan Parker Fields; (2) The Latin vote has suddenly become real in Allentown; (3) Many of the Lehigh Valley For All picks were rejected: (4) There is going to be a contested Mayoral race in both Allentown and Bethlehem: and (5) the party of Lincoln has chosen a suspected domestic terrorist as its standard bearer in NorCo. 


Anonymous said...

a suspected domestic terrorist

He IS a domestic terrorist and he proves it every time he steps up to speak

Anonymous said...

It looks like Bermingham's interesting move in UMBT may have paid off, if the results hold. There were way more write-in votes that what his party-mate received, for a two candidate race. Same thing for the D side, where there were way more write-in votes than for Friedman's party-mate. We'll have to wait and see what the end result is when the write-ins are tallied. If the party-mates did their own write-in campaigning on the opposite side than it will be even more interesting.

Anonymous said...

We went out to eat last night at Sean's Irish Pub, and were saddened to find that candidate and so-called patriot Lynch had a "victory celebration" in the party room. Complete with derelict flat black painted monster truck with his name painted on the side and flying old glory off the tailgate. Like something out of Animal House. I had indigestion later, which did not surprise me.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"We went out to eat last night at Sean's Irish Pub, and were saddened to find that candidate and so-called patriot Lynch had a "victory celebration" in the party room."

This will be the second time Lynch has been at this fake Irish pub.

Anonymous said...

Well, the food is very good IMO Bernie. Whether or not it is "Irish" I honestly couldn't say.

Dees was the only Constable candidate in WE and got 59 votes. He also joined 3 other top vote getters for the Democratic side for four seats. Outgoing Constable CRazY must be stewing in her Monroe County tax-provided cell. Dees not only will likely return to council, he will be Constable too. lol