Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Updated: Three Lehigh County Judge Races Will Be Decided in November

Blogger's Note: Originally published 1:20 am, and updated to reflect MIBs. 

Although mail-in ballots must still be tallied, it is clear that Lehigh County's three open judgeships are headed to the general election. 

On the Democratic side of the ledger, the top three candidates are  Maraleen Shields (12,381), Zachary Cohen (12,287) and Rashid Santiago (8,033). Pat Fuentes Mulqueen (7,930) trails Santaigo by 103 votes. . 

Republicans appear to have made their choices. Tom Caffrey (13,404) leads the pack, followed closely by Tom Capehart (13,137). Dave Ritter is a distant third (10,424)..

Mulqueen is in striking distance on the Democratic side once canvassing begins. 

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