Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Magisterial District Judge Pat Broscius to Face Andrew Tupone in Bethlehem Tp

Magisterial District Judge Pat Broscius, whose district covers Bethlehem Tp, cruised to victory in Bethlehem's municipal primary on the Democratic side. She outpaced Republic Andrew Tupone, 1448 to 391. But Tupone won the Republican nod, 851-652. 

The buzz around this race will increase Democratic turnout in Bethlehem Tp, where Executive Lamont McClure resides. 

Tupone, a disgruntled county employee who has bounced around at several departments, has just unwittingly helped McClure. 


Anonymous said...

Has Mike Hudak resigned yet?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't mean that the voters in Bethlehem Township have to vote for McClure if they go out to vote.

Anonymous said...

@7:10am: as a matter of fact they do have to vote for McClure considering the nutjob who's running against him!