Monday, May 03, 2021

Appalachian Trail Challenge: Monthly Report

 On January 17, I started on a virtual Appalachian Trail challenge. Any distance based exercise count along this 2,190-mile journey. This includes walking, running, cycling, canoeing, elliptical or arc trainer, rowing, etc. Two friends are also doing this, although they have different starting dates.

As the weather has improved, so has my mileage. Here's the data, starting January 17.

January - 132.72 miles

February - 220.45 miles

March - 247.03 miles

April - 304.64 miles. 

The friend who started earlier than me has logged in 1365.5 miles for the past 173, and is averaging 7.8 miles per day. I am averaging 8.7, but he's on track to beat me. 


Anonymous said...

With your Hercules like body you should not even worry about ageand fitness.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Bernie. You are doing 3x what I do a day.