Monday, May 10, 2021

Lehigh County DA Investigating Ce-Ce Gerlach Allegations

Ce-Ce Gerlach
Last week, this blog published an investigative report concerning Ce-Ce Gerlach, aka Cecelia E. Gerlach. She is a member of Allentown City Council and a Mayoral candidate. She is also employed by Valley Youth House.  Gerlach met up with a 16 yo boy who had run away from home. Instead of taking this child to Valley Youth's own shelter or even the police department, Gerlach dumped him off at a tent city. The boy was allegedly abused for two nights straight until he was rescued by a community activist. When confronted, Gerlach admitted she dropped this boy off at a homeless enclave, although she denied she knew the boy was a minor. "[S]o if people want to beat me up over that, they can,” she told blogger James Whitney. She refused to say more, and Valley Youth House actually hung up on Whitney when he called them for their side of the story. Perhaps the Lehigh County District Attorney's office will have more success. Prosecutors are looking into this matter. I know this because a county detective contacted me about it on Friday. 

Gerlach is running for public office under a cloud of suspicion, very much like former Mayor Edwin "Fed Ed" Pawlowski. That cloud keeps getting darker, thanks to Allentown bullhorn blower Justan Parker Fields. He attempted to blow his bullhorn for her last week, but it blew up in his face. 

Gerlach Defender Justan (not Justin) Parker Fields 

Justan Parker Fields
Remember Justan Parker Fields? Last summer, he was the bullhorn-toting demagogue who jumped to the wrong conclusion when Allentown police were forced to deal with a puking and staggering drug addict and drunk outside Sacred Heart St. Luke's in July. A video shot by a passerby was blown out of proportion by Parker and other loudmouths. Parker Fields organized a mob that began banging on the doors and windows of Allentown City Council, interrupting their meetings.  They were local insurrectionists. He is at the front of the "Defund the Police" movement, and has participated in, if not led, chants of "Fuck the Police" and "Get Down or Lay Down."

Justan Parker Fields is also a criminal Defendant. In March 2020, he was driving with his son in the car with him as a passenger. Parker was stopped by police and gave a false name in a lame effort to fool them about his license being suspended. He failed, and was cited for both driving under suspension and false reports. 

Of course, Parker has an explanation  "Yes, I drove with a suspended license to pick up my son for our first weekend visit, post covid, in months. Yes, I provided another name to the officer who pulled me over (you guessed it, because I was afraid) I wouldn't expect you to understand or relate to that last part."

I understand completely. Parker was never scared. He lied about his identity to avoid being charged with driving under suspension. Now he is lying to all of us about being scared. He wants to lie his way into public office. He's been placed on ARD and now is running for City Council. He's been endorsed by all the woke groups because he tosses out words like "colorism" and "BIPOC."

No newspaper or radio station has dared mention the criminal case against him for lying to police. If they told you the truth, they might be called racists, too.  

Parker's Gerlach Defense Backfires

Victor Martinez
Last week, he invited Victor Martinez, a recently appointed Valley Youth House board member, for a Facebook Live interview. Victor is also the President and CEO of the popular LaMega radio station. 

Fields took umbrage at the Gerlach blog article, not for inaccuracy, but because "it targeted the only BIPOC female candidate running for mayor of Allentown." He went on to accuse me of running a "racist blog." I guess he expected Martinez to back him up. 

The opposite happened. 

They did agree on one thing - I really am a racist. Thanks a lot, Victor, lol.  But "the story is still the story," said Martinez.  

"Everything changed for me when the people from the blog reached out to Ce-Ce and asked her if she dropped off the child - a minor - on tent city and she said, 'Yes.' That's when everything changed and that's why this becomes important because now we have an admission of something she did."

Martinez stated that, in addition to being a "talking head on the radio," he is also an experienced journalist who understands what makes a story a story. What makes this a story is Gerlach's own admission. 

"I don't care if you're 16 or 30, where is it OK to drop any human being that needs help at tent city? We all know what's going on out there. The drugs, the alcohol, the people with mental issues. ... I've been to tent city."

Martinez adds that Gerlach did this as a paid worker of Valley Youth House. "She's still employed by Youth House."

Parker then went on to suggest Allentown is a City of second, third and fourth chances and people should be entitled to "redemption."  Martinez agreed but added there must also be consequences, and there have been none for Gerlach. 

Parker asked why Valley Youth House is not being held accountable.  Martinez said he has reached out, and by email. "As a board member, I expect them to investigate and I expect them to put out a statement and do their due diligence because this damage affects the image of Youth House."

He said if you take politics out of the equation, any employee who did what Ce-Ce did "needed to be fired on the spot, right away." He wonders how Gerlach has retained her job. "Everybody knew about this, and nobody did a damn thing."

Parker then tried playing the race card and the fact that Gerlach is a female. "This has nothing to do with her being a woman. This has nothing to do with her being bi-racial. This has to do with a minor that was left for two days ..."

Parker then claimed that Gerlach, the only "bi-POC" woman in the race, is "being silenced."

"How is she being silenced?" asked Martinez, and then Parker began interrupting him repeatedly, trying to silence him. Once allowed to speak, Martinez pointed out that Gerlach "lit up the fire" herself when she admitted what she had done. 

Parker pointed out this incident occurred last summer but only broke two weeks before the election, suggesting a political motive. This  story was broken as soon as the facts were known. Had I known about it sooner, I can assure you it would have broken sooner. Parker knew about it last summer, and said nothing about it. He covered for Ce-Ce at the expense of an abused child. 

Nice guy. 

But very woke. 

He fails to explain his own silence.

Parker ultimately switched the subject. 

What bullhorn-blowers like Parker needs to do is care a little less about using woke expressions or the Ce-Ce Gerlach campaign. He needs to care a little more about children (many of them are "BIPOC") being cast aside by an uncaring system. 

Not all that long ago, a little girl named Grace Packer was raped, murdered and dismembered by the very people charged with protecting her. I covered that story, and still have nightmares about it. 

This should never happen again. This has EVERYTHING to do with child abuse and NOTHING to do with a frickin' election.

Updated 5/10/21, 12:01 am: Justan Parker Fields Claims Bringing Up His Past is Racist - On his Facebook page Justan Parker Fields has responded to this post. "I am an open book and ... bringing up anything in my past is just a means to discredit me and criminalize my skin color," he states. I agree that his recent use of a false name certainly does discredit him. I disagree that there's been any attempt to criminalize his skin color. His dishonesty has nothing to do with the color of his skin and everything to do with basic character. Being black entitles neither Ce-Ce Gerlach nor Justan with immunity from criticism. You can't claim out of one side of your mouth that you're an open book while simultaneously maintaining that all criticism is racist. 

I'll respond to Justan Parker Fields more specific complaints below. 


Anonymous said...

This is the best Allentowsn can generate? Pathetic!

Anonymous said...

WTF is "BIPOC?" Here's the non-racist description: she's a lying piece of shit who should be investigated and jailed. Seriously, "BIPOC?" What the F is that? Is it one of the progressive code descriptions like Latinx, a term made up by faculty lounge whiteys and recognized by < 5% of those whom whiteys have deemed are Latinx? Progressive cosplaying is my favorite sport. It's the best thing to have come out of this faux pandemic. Stay safe, you crazy lovable BIPOCs!

Anonymous said...

The investigation will foster public sentiment for her just as it did for Pawloski. Jail time will happen sometime during or after her term as mayor.

Bernie O'Hare said...

There will be little public sentiment for her bc the allegations relate to the safety of a child. But whether she is charged is very much an open question and if she is, she is presumed innocent

Anonymous said...

I always try to see the other side of the story. The only defense I could see here is if the boy identified himself as an adult. Even then, are there shelters available for homeless to go safely? I'd hope so, but admit I thankfully never had to research the subject.

Anonymous said...

Under what law did she as a employee of a private agency have them authority to take the individual into custody to hold him in a private shelter or deliver him to the police?

Anonymous said...

so, I guess our take away from Martinez is "even a blind racist finds an acorn"?

and you're no racist, a no-good, potato-eating, bog-trotting Paddy son of a bitch, certainly. but no racist

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Under what law did she as a employee of a private agency have them authority to take the individual into custody to hold him in a private shelter or deliver him to the police?"

Valley Youth House is a publicly funded nonprofit. "We’ve been there for young people with nowhere else to turn for almost 50 years." It provides "provides care, education, training or control of a child." Under Pa law, it is considered a person "supervising the welfare of a child." If a runaway comes there, it commits a crime if it "knowingly endangers the welfare of the child by violating a duty of care, protection or support." I would think that dumping a child off at tent city fits the bill.

In addition to state law regarding minors and the affirmative obligations just mentioned, any person who recklessly endangers the life or safety of another person commits a crime.

Anonymous said...

This happened in 2020 and we are just hearing about it now? Remember Penn State? If anyone knew about this and didn't report it, especially a city councilor, they are in for it. How mighty she projected herself. How sad this is. Mr. Martinez put it perfectly: Where is this type of behavior/reaction acceptable by leaving a vulnerable person's welfare in the lurch? Especially for a city councilor(s) that claim they care for those that are less fortunate.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"and you're no racist, a no-good, potato-eating, bog-trotting Paddy son of a bitch, certainly. but no racist"

Most people get very upset at being called a racist. That's the standard ploy whenever a person of color is criticized. I have been highly critical of many people of color and am then called racist. I have been highly critical of some women, and am called sexist. The reality is that I am an equal opportunity offender. If I think you've done something wrong, I will report it and don't give a shit what I'm called.

Unlike most people, I am never offended at being called a racist. I grew up in a world of prejudice and bigotry. I have spent a lifetime overcoming my inner prejudice. I think I've done a pretty good job, but am always willing to learn and improve.

Ironically, I believe that many people in the black and Hispanic community are prejudiced themselves, including Justan Parker Fields and Hasshan Batts. They bring race into everything and use it as an excuse to avoid looking at their own shortcomings. I do agree race is a component of many discussions, but not every discussion.

I know I annoy the hell out of readers when I tell them they are racist or prejudiced. They get very offended. It is not meant as an insult. I believe we all have prejudices and biases that we need to examine all the time. I am by no means immune.

I am more than willing to accept criticism of my racism, but critics have to do better than saying that the sole reason I attack someone is because of his or her race, religion or sex.

And yes, I am a "no-good, potato-eating, bog-trotting Paddy son of a bitch."

Anonymous said...

Bernie, they forgot to mention a no good drunk too?

Anonymous said...

----And yes, I am a "no-good, potato-eating, bog-trotting Paddy son of a bitch."

and a charter member of the SHEETZ EATING HOTDOG CABAL as well.....

Anonymous said...

I had allways known that face was the monster in every child's nightmares! Now knowing this fact can you please remove that picture of it as like Crazy it is beginning to give me night terrors as well.

Anonymous said...

So Tom Harrington, husband to Kathy Harrington (vp of Dem party in Lehigh County) and father to LC Commissioner David Harrington, heads VYH which has taken no action against CeeCee Gerlach, favored candidate of Lehigh Valley for All, which may be run by David H?

coincidence? Does not smell right.

Anonymous said...

Are black Irish (as I am) considered POC? My hair is black and the multiplication and comingling of my freckles in summertime present a somewhat dark complexion. I'd like to get my beak wet in the whole identification thing. Anyone have some pointers for an admitted newbie? TIA.

Anonymous said...

Could be worse. At least we know Ce Ce is not a republican. You go girl.

Anonymous said...

Why dont you check the ujsportal on ALL of the candidates?? CeCe is clean...other Mayoral candidates not so much...especially when it comes to landlord issues for one of them who owns multiple rentals...we are always talking about the decline in property maintenance...check it out

Bernie O'Hare said...

I have checked. Those are minor matters compared to someone who dumps another human being off at tent city. Ce-Ce is far from “clean.”

Anonymous said...

Do we know if the official shelters in the city were full on the night in question?

Anonymous said...

People are sick of these guys using their race to excuse their behavior. Just because you're a person of color doesn't excuse you from personal responsibility Justan. What CeCe Gerlach did is inexcusable. Period. If you run for public office the public has a right to know about your criminal history. It seems to me that the race card is used when you're losing the argument at hand. Please stop using your race, and the word racism, to excuse bad behavior. Doing this makes you part of the problem, not part of the solution of improving race relations. Good for Mr. Martinez for calling this out!

Anonymous said...

The great Dr. Tom Sowell ( is one of my heroes -- and I don't have many.

The gentleman has an amazing way of distilling his life of erudition and great wisdom into a few pithy words, and there are dozens of examples, if not hundreds, of his deploying this great talent of his on a wide variety of topics from economics to education to "social justice."

To your point, Bernie, Dr. Sowell has said that the best refutation for specious accusations of the various -isms is, "Compared to what?" Though I hesitate to speak for the master, his point is that no one is perfect and may have various traces of this or that, but the vast majority have never harmed a soul in any meaningful way.

We've made great progress in race relations in America. There is no reason for anyone to pretend we haven't.

Anonymous said...

Victor Martinez said the blog was racist as well. So he actually didn't call anything out lol. How convenient that we're discussing a "race card". Be better

Anonymous said...

And which people are sick of black people speaking up about racist attacks? I would love to hear this one lol

Anonymous said...

Me Me is a dunce. She is hardly qualified enough to work for VYH, let along mayor if Allentown. I have lost respect for that organization knowing that they have failed to discipline her for her terrible judgement. VYH is off my donation list.