Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Julio Guridy Has Lead in Allentown Mayoral Race, But MIBs Need to Be Counted

With 159 of 161 Lehigh County precincts partially tallied, Allentown City Council member Julio Guridy has the lead in the Mayoral race. 

He has 1,592 votes, which puts him ahead of Matt Tuerk (1,286), incumbent Ray O'Connell (1,167) and Ce-Ce Gerlach (1,152).

This race could still go to any of the four Democrats because only a small number of the estimated 2,200 Allentown mail-in ballots have been counted. Most of these have come from older voters. But obviously, Guridy is ion the driver's seat. 


Anonymous said...

Julio is a good man. He will do fine.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Tuerk will win! A common sense mayoal candidate. Ce Ce belongs in the basement with her cockroach friends.