Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Appalachian Trail Challenge: May Report

On January 17, I started on a virtual Appalachian Trail challenge. Any distance based exercise count along this 2,190-mile journey. This includes walking, running, cycling, canoeing, elliptical or arc trainer, rowing, etc. Two friends are also doing this, although they have different starting dates.

As the weather has improved, I expected my mileage  to increase. I  had a bad May because the election coverage took something out of me, and I also suffered a brief bout of dehydration. Here's the data, starting January 17.

January - 132.72 miles

February - 220.45 miles

March - 247.03 miles

April - 304.64 miles. 

May - 271.63 miles

The friend who started earlier than me has only about 400 miles to go. But I'm claiming fraud and will demand an audit of his mileage. I am still averaging averaging 8.7. 

Another friend started after me on March 1, and has logged in 521.6 miles. His daily average is 8.6.

I better pick it up.  

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