Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Pundits Outraged By Senator Joe Manchin's Centrism, Bipartisanship

Joe Manchin is a centrist Democrat in conservative West Virginia. He has consistently made clear he opposes an end to the filibuster. He also prefers bipartisanship over ramming legislation down the throats of a significantly large number of people. His stance, one of reason and moderation, is enraging the unreasonable and extreme. These are the talking heads of the left, who are just as outrageous as those on the right. 

Check out these screaming headlines:

Washington Post - "How Joe Manchin's awful new stance could blow up in his face"

Signorile Report - "Are we going to let Joe Manchin sink democracy?"

Raw Story - "Steve Bannon pushes ‘major effort’ to ‘bring Joe Manchin into the Republican party’"

Newsweek - MSNBC host Mehdi Hhasan questions Joe Manchin's intelligence - 'just not very bright'"

These are neither news stories nor editorials. They are rank partisan pieces aimed at those within their bubble. 


Anonymous said...

Yes and I just saw a poll from west Virginia showing the people supporting 60% to 30% in favor of the president's and Congress proposals 4 different ones were listed. So his lie about working for his constituents should be quietly shelved. I will forward the link.

Anonymous said...

The ultra left wing democrats are killing their party as much as Trump is killing his.

Even locally the ultra progressives' wish to purge their party pf all they deem "un woke". They have no tolerance and no commons sense.

People such as Zirinski and other phoneys use the emo9vement as a base for political power. Only problem is it appeals to no one but their unknowing supporters.

What happened to common sense consensus building democrats? Do they exist?

Given the crazy Trumpers even at the local LEVEL, I would vote for a sensible democrat if you can show me one.

Anonymous said...

Joe Manchin is now the most powerful senator in Washington. So far , he has not used his power in a powerful way, but has tried to calm the rush of a democrat power grab. The dems better be careful, does anyone doubt that Joe Manchin could be re-elected in W. Virginia as a republican. He could likely demand some very powerful positions from the republicans and get almost anything he wants.

Anonymous said...

"bipartisanship". Is this a new word? What's it mean?

Anonymous said...

The problem with his approach is this....He espouses the benefits of "bipartisanship" but the Republicans are ONLY focused on partisanship with the goal of preventing Biden from achieving his goals. Manchin is talking about a two way street but the R's, lead by the vile Mitch McConnell, travel on their own one way road. The so-called "Greatest Deliberative Body in the World" is a broken fantasy with the filibuster a key reason. At the least, make it a spoken filibuster, as it was in the "good old days" when it was used to perpetuate racism.

Anonymous said...

Really all comes down to which news outlet you choose to visit daily, if not several times per day. The big network, corporate sources are mostly weaponized propaganda. Choose the wrong daily news “favorite,” and you are likely missing quite a bit. Parrot those same talking heads at your own risk of being totally wrong.
For example, if I claimed there is growing, solid evidence that Dr. Fauci has been untruthful, or that a big city Mayor has undertaken a most racist, and shocking posture, your daily news source might never mention either, yet both topics are very influencing influencing and critical to what one believes and spouts off about.
In this case, Joe Manchin is making a good call. But, many would have a tough time explaining why. That will require more effort on the part of the Parrot.

The Huntress said...

Nope Bernie, Dems are right on this one. Much of their agenda is very popular with the public (including in Manchin's state) infrastructure especially. Biden's original infrastructure package included a lot that would benefit underserved communities and families, these are Manchin's constituents! Re his stance on the Democrats voting rights bill, most of what is in there, ending gerrymandering, going after corruption of campaign contributions, are popular with the U.S. public as well. It could well help save our democracy that most Republicans have decided is worth throwing out to stay on the Trump train. Manchin is just plain wrong on this but he is reveling in his powerful role right now. I hope the Democrats gain 3 Senate seats coming up so they can relegate him to the cheap seats. He is NOT working for his constituents.

Anonymous said...

I am very glad there is one adult in Washington. Wish we had more.

From the Senate's own website - "The framers of the Constitution created the United States Senate to protect the rights of individual states and safeguard minority opinion in a system of government designed to give greater power to the national government."

Sure would be nice if they remembered their purpose.

Anonymous said...

"Yes and I just saw a poll from west Virginia showing the people supporting 60% to 30% in favor of the president's and Congress proposals 4 different ones were listed. So his lie about working for his constituents should be quietly shelved. I will forward the link."
I have seen the same numbers and some have said that he is just following what ever agenda works for his corporate donors and under the guise of unity and compromise will vote for whatever pleases them.(ex.: voting no $15 min. wage which the majority of Americans and W. Virginians are in favor of).

Anonymous said...

It would be good governing to only pass legislation that will have a dramatic effect on the nation with a truly large consensus. Obamacare was forced through on a strict party line vote. it was the beginning of the division in the country.

These kind of reforms should be accomplished with small segments at a time. There are issues with support of a true majority. Like making health care decisions that can reduce the costs, for doctors and patients.

Now we are being whipsawed by power politics. Trump controlled the border, now no control. Trump favored energy independence, now make energy scarce and expensive. This is not good government. It should always be what is in the best long term interest of the country, not lets grab as much as possible while we can and damage the opposition as much as possible.

I believe Manchin not only cares about his political future in WV, but is looking at the long term. Scrapping the filibuster will just add to the 51% savaging the 49%. It is not in the long term best interest of the country.

Anonymous said...

Do republicans really want a dictator? We the people?

Anonymous said...

There is no place in this world for centrists and moderates from either side.

Anonymous said...

12:09 AM and 8:57 AM

“Yes and I just saw a poll from west Virginia showing the people supporting 60% to 30% in favor of the president's and Congress proposals 4 different ones were listed. So his lie about working for his constituents should be quietly shelved. I will forward the link.”

Presumably, this is the link?


But even MSNBC seems confused…


So MSNBC says he’s out of step with WV, while also claiming he’s putting his state above the country.

The poll you seem enamored with was run by several liberal polling organizations (“End Citizens United”, “Global Strategy Group” and “ALG Research.” I’ll leave it to others to google them, since I don’t think our host approves of a lot of links within a comment).

It seems they asked if West Virginians are in favor of the “For the People Act.” I wonder why they didn’t ask about “voter ID” or “vote harvesting.”

No word on how West Virginians feel about “are kitty videos cute?”

MSNBC’s and its viewer’s attempt at a hatchet job on Manchin fits BO’s premise about hyperpartisanship perfectly.

tunaman13212 said...

The trouble with Manchan is he is using the xcuse that thre needs to be bipartisanship at a time when no one on the republican side will work with anyone on the democratic side.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Huntress and other poll commenters,

By now, we should all realize that poll numbers no longer have the accuracy they once did. We saw this twice with Trump, and this was after the experts claimed they fixed their methodology. We just saw it is a Muhlenberg survey, two weeks before the election, claiming no one knew who Tuerk was. Also, if the poll is correct, all it means is that the provisions of the Bill are popular, as they should be. But no one has asked West Virginians if they agree with Manchin's view that enactment should be bipartisan. I suspect most would agree. Transformational legislation should be bipartisan. Manchin has reminded us we need to work together.

Biden won no landslide. Trump garnered 75 million votes. Not all are cultists. We need to listen to each other.

Republicans tore Charlie Dent apart for daring to be moderate. Let's not make the same dumb mistake.

Anonymous said...

Here's another one to add to the original post:

"Joe Manchin is opposing big parts of Biden’s agenda as the Koch network pressures him"

After 4 years of an uneasy truce based on mutually opposing Trump, it's nice to see the Kochs back in the media's whining bin.

Anonymous said...

If mid-terms history is a guide, Rs will certainly gain control of the Senate in 19 months. Manchin is going to switch parties now, while he's able to negotiate committee spots for himself. He's less important to Rs after January 2022 because they'll be in control already.

Anonymous said...

I consider myself a liberal Democrat and I completely disagree with Manchan on this issue. That said I don't blame him for his position. That fact that Dems have a Senator from WV that votes with them 80%-90% of the time is a Miracle. You can't blame him for being moderate. If he doesn't remain moderate Dems will loses that seat. If Dems want to kill the Fillabuster they need to get their shit together, maintain their lead in the House, and pick up more progressive seats in 2022 starting with PA.

Bernie O'Hare said...

1:02, I wouldn’t be so sure. Republicans just lost a seat in NEW Mexico by 23 points. With the exception of immigration, Americans generally approve of Biden. Like Manchin, he is making an effort to reach out on infrastructure.

Anonymous said...

Manchin has an agenda and it's not protecting our democracy. He will use his position for leverage to either save his ass or enlarge his name recognition. The man has his eye on a bigger prize than bipartisanship and bringing the country together. Understand his history, and understand the man.
I do hope I'm wrong.

But for the Dems that keep screaming "Go it alone!" will find themselves just that, alone.

Anonymous said...

The only way a Republican belongs in the Whitehouse is of he/she is mopping the floor or serving drinks.

Anonymous said...

When you read the posts we can clearly see the division in people. We read the hatred. We can feel the intolerance to anyone's thoughts other than our own. Yet we somehow expect that elected officials will be better than us. We could learn from the moderates. We all need to listen a little more and talk less. Those who cast the most criticism are those that don't want compromise. We the people need to work together for the future of our children. Stop throwing blame and look at your part.

Anonymous said...

What makes this Joe Manchin story story outstanding is that it is VERY rare for the Democrats to ever break ranks. Seems no matter how questionable the legislative item is, current day Democrats tend not to step out of line from what Pelosi/Schumer decide. On the other hand, a steady group of 6-8 Republican Senators and 15-20 Republican House Members frequently vote with the Democrats. With both Chambers about evenly split, Democrats have a great deal more power in passing things due to their rigid allegiance to their own political party.

It is accurate to consider the Republican side to be more Bi-Partisan right now, isn’t it?

Anonymous said...

Manchin is elected to represent and serve the people of West Virginia, which it seems like he is doing.

Too many Senators on both sides have forgotten that the represent their state, not their party.

Anonymous said...

@1:02 - That is historically correct, typically there is a pendulum effect that counters the President's party for mid-term elections. However, the primary driver of that has typically come from independent, centrist and moderate voters. Those voters were chased away or just ran away from Trump and Republicans in 2018 and 2020. 18 months is an eternity in politics, so guessing results of the 2022 midterms is foolish at best, but despite Republican messaging of "Radical Left Socialist Agenda", Democrat messaging of Republican = Trump is probably more effective.

Independent, centrist and moderate voters tend to be suburban, college educated voters, while Democrats haven't exactly played it down the middle, nobody is deluded enough to think Republicans and Trump were any better.

McConnell's quote yesterday that "the era of bipartisanship is over" has to be the most hilarious and ironic line any politician has ever uttered. Of all people!

Anonymous said...

As far as bipartisanship goes I believe Prez. Clinton showed that when working with the Repub party too much is never enough. As much as the Repubs deride the NAFTA deal now that Clinton signed they seem to forget that it was a Republican led deal which only a few Dems agreed to sign onto. He was also the last Prez to have a balanced budget (at the cost of such things as taxing those receiving disability). But just as the Repubs now claim NAFTA was a horrible Dem idea which they distance themselves from since it did cost many well paying jobs just as the main Dem party and unions said it would, we now have Repubs going home to their voters claiming they got their constituents the benefits for the last stimulus bill which NOT ONE republican voted for.
I believe, as Dent did when he fled the Repub party, that there are no moderate republicans left in office. The denial of investigating the attempted coup should have been enough for anyone to see where moderation went.

Anonymous said...

9:32 - Please! There was no attempted coup. This was an in-person protest that was mis-managed by the Capitol Police and FBI. This was attended by unhappy Patriots AND Members of ANTIFA. The front doors were opened to the crowd. There’s video of everything. One unarmed person was shot and killed by a still unnamed male Capitol Police Officer.

Anonymous said...

oh 11:41...you crack me up!

Anonymous said...

11:41 -- Let's see the proof. Because you know that what you have posted here is a big bucket of what the bull left at the Fairgrounds.

Such fine American patriots can't even take responsibility for their own actions.

The so-called "unarmed person" was a criminal destroying property that belongs to all of us. Come crashing into my house and see what happens. 10ga double buck is waiting.

The patriots played with fire, got caught red-handed, and now want everybody else to take the blame.

Anonymous said...

11:41 is enthusiastic for Coco Puffs!

You are BATSHIT insane if you believe anything you just wrote.

Grow up...

Anonymous said...

@11:41 "There’s video of everything. "

Yes there is - and absolutely none of that video supports anything that you've said.

No one who entered that building on January 6th is a "Patriot".

Anonymous said...

What was the Koch Brothers best investment?

The Manchen they bought in West Virginia.

Anonymous said...

Joe Manchin can see 2 years into the future. This does not make him a Republican. The Dems can easily lose the Senate (and if history is repeated, will likely lose seats in the mid-term elections coming up). Then the filibuster will be the Dems tool and they may need it. I believe he has said as much. Regarding the zillion dollar Biden plan, maybe Manchin is just being a Senator. You know, one of the more deliberate elected officials designed to provide some stability and act as a damper to more volatile branches like the House and Executive wing. Maybe he sees elements of the Biden plan to eliminate fossil fuel, which is a pretty big deal in West Virginia. Maybe he is wise enough to see that wild spending is likely to fuel inflation which many seem to have forgotten is WAY worse than most of the economic problems we've seen over the last 15 years or so. Maybe he feels guilty about passing this thing because he knows most of it will be just wasted, spent inefficiently, grabbed by friends of government, create a bunch of bad unintended consequences and paid for by his grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

@6:43 -"(and if history is repeated, will likely lose seats in the mid-term elections coming up)"

This is looking doubtful - Republican brand is super strong in its base, but is near toxic among moderates/centrists who usually are responsible for the tilt against the incumbent President's party in mid terms. The key as 2022 gets closer it to watch approval #'s for Biden and track any erosion (or growth) in the 6 months leading up to the election. George W Bush actually gained seats in 2002 mid terms.