Monday, June 21, 2021

Keith Groller Snags Dieruff Alumni Award

I was delighted to see Morning Call sportswriter extraordinaire, Keith Groller, recognized by Dieruff High School as one of its Honored Alumni at their commencement ceremony this past weekend. 

Over the years, I've watched him in action at numerous basketball games, including the summer games at Cedar Beach. What really impresses me is the interest he takes in the student athletes. Much like Toomey Anderson, the Dean of Awesome, Keith makes these kids feel good about themselves. He conducts after game interviews which he loads on Twitter. During games, it is actually Keith who often shoots the money shot. 

The Lehigh Valley is blessed with several good sportswriters. I like Keith best because of his emphasis on high school sports. 

I only wish he could clone himself and cover all the games. 

I'd post a pic of him but I'd probably be in violation of about a million copyright laws. 


Anonymous said...

Groller is probally the only reason I check out The Call on-line

Anonymous said...

Groller was good for valley sports