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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Young Sails Thru Personnel Committee

Exec John Brown (left) with Public Works pick Richard Young
Northampton County Executive John Brown's nominee for Director of Public Works, Richard Young, sailed through County Council's Personnel Committee yesterday. The vote was unanimous, with Personnel Chair Ken Kraft telling him, "I've heard nothing but good things about you."

Young, Allentown's current Director of Public Works, is a PE with 39 years of experience. In Allentown, he has 11 years of experience, serving as City Engineer, and most recently, as Director of Public Works. He has also worked for several respected engineering firms in the private sector, including Pennoni Associates, Huth Engineering, Keystone Engineering and Boucher and James.

His appearance comes one day after Hayden Phillips' Capital Projects Committee uncovered a maze of Public Works challenges, some of which present public safety concerns.

The soft-spoken engineer is a product of Allentown's East Side, where he is well-respected by local activists Dennis Pearson and Lou Hershman. Pearson credits Young, at least in part, for a new fire station at the corner of N. Irving and E Green in Allentown.

Brown has proposed hiring Young with a salary of $95,921, with the potential for increases going up to $124,975.

Though Young will replace current Director of Public Works Steve DeSalva, Brown has requested him to stay on board in a recognition that the County needs more than one professional engineer.DeSalva, like Young, is a professional engineer and is known for 60-hour work weeks.

Young meets Capital Projects Chair Hayden Phillips 


Anonymous said...

The past eight years were a disaster for county property maintenance. We are finally learning about it. A big thank you to Hayden Phillips for ending the cover-up.

It is sad for the taxpayer that the past administration let buildings, bridges and county structures rot.

The Stoffa legacy is one of neglect. It has cost us dearly

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think that teabagger Brown will really invest money in County infrastructure? He will bandaid the situation. To invest the money needed to keep buildings, bridges and structures from rotting requires money the County does not have. Wake up and smell the coffee.

Anonymous said...

5:01 I call Bullshit. If you cared to listen there has been nothing but shedding light on this at council meetings for the last several years.

Stop trying to rewrite history

Anonymous said...

To invest the money needed to keep buildings, bridges and structures from rotting requires money the County does not have.

But it would if Gracedale had been sold. Instead it continues to require massive subsidies. Maybe the Council Democrats should propose a property tax increase this year to "make investments."

Anonymous said...

It is not councils place to propose a tax increase, that is for the County Executive to propose in his next budget. It is only councils place to approve that budget.

8:42 try to at least understand how it works before you make stupid suggestions

Bernie O'Hare said...

Council has the auhority to propose a tax hike, but I've never seen it done.

Bernie O'Hare said...

7:32, It is bullshit. I delete the comment but ut is posted over and over by some fanatic who hates Stoffa.

Anonymous said...

Let's look at a dirty word no one wants to talk about, assessments. If you go through the Northamton County property records you would be astounded as to some of the assessments. I live in a single home a modest 2200 square feet on street parking no garage and I'm assessed just as high as those with inground pools and garages. More focus needs to be given to this problem. Just saying. I don't mind paying my fair share in taxes but darn it, it's dishartening to see. Take a look for yourself at ncpub.org. You decide.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Re-assessment is long overdue. People in older homes are paying more than they should. Businesses have the acumen to appeal assessments, but most people don't know about that, and our revenue appeals board has demonstrated it only supports the rich. It was not done bc the recession artificially depressed home prices, but we've waited long enough.

Anonymous said...

Nursing homes are no longer core functions of county government. Selling Gracedale would have freed up over $30 million for other needs. Instead Stoffa spent millions up there and the place is still losing 5.5 million a year.

The parking deck repair was botched. It should have been demolished and rebuilt but the attempted fix was supposed to be cheaper.