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Monday, March 24, 2014

VIA's Version of March Madness

Athletes get pre-clinic instructions, ignored by one and all
Via, a Lehigh Valley human services agency dedicated to children with special needs. conducted its own version of March Madness this month, under the roof of Northampton Community College's Spartan Center. Over forty kids participated in an All-Star Basketball Clinic that went through some fundamentals, but was mostly just fun. The kids needed no lessons for that, but they may have taught a few things to local high school standout who suddenly began to smile.

Parkland Basketball star Brynne Brouse taught the crossover to Samantha Luirwick.

Emmaus guard Beth Wisley showed Brennan Naccaraethy how to make a corner shot.

Matthew Brawn taught Palmerton Forward Mikayla Krupa  to smile.


Anonymous said...

Bernie your Human Interest stories are terrific. It is something both papers should at least dedicate one page to. Keep up the good work!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Thank you. Both dailies do a better job than I, and have better photographers. I can tell the story, but my photos are weak. Dana Grubb is the best at this sort of thing, which does not come easy to me.

The ET photographer is very cool, too. He shows me things all the time.

I can't wait till these basketball players play next weekend. I'm going. I love high school basketball and NCC has a great gym.

Don Moore said...

I agree with 12:18 - your human interest stories are top shelf, Bernie.

Ah to be 17 years old again. Look at those smiles. Great stuff, and there is no politics or large amounts of money being wasted.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The kids were great. Both those with and without special needs.