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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Monocacy Creek Friendly Spillway to be Constructed

T&M's Greg Duncan
Since last Summer, T and M Associates' Gregory Duncan has been working on a green solution to a stormwater drainage problem from the Bethlehem Square Shopping Center and into Monocacy Creek. Stormwater collects and ultimately passes under Route 191 and into what's left of a concrete lined swale, which has fallen into serious disrepair. From there, the waters, sometimes mixed with road salt and gravel, cascade into a Class A wild trout stream.

Duncan had the green light from Bethlehem Township Commissioners to apply for two grants for a green solution, including a $300,000 Watershed and Protection Grant. He was successful, and at their March 17 meeting, Commissioners directed Township Manager Melissa Shafer, serving in her first meeting, to enter into an agreement with Duncan to engineer the project.

Duncan plans to replace the broken-up concrete liner with articulated concrete blocks connected by steel cable. This will promote proper drainage, provide erosion control and even allow for natural vegetative growth. Articulated concrete blocks will also handle heavy velocities.

This project will last into next year, according to President Tom Nolan, who joked it will be done "sometime this century."

In other business, Commissioners authorized a number of purchases that are included in this years budget for the following items: police assault rifles - $3,602.50; police body armor- $3,402.00; three police cruisers (Toyota Scion) - $27,548 each; two small dump truck leases - $85,266.80; mowing equipment - $21,836; software upgrades - $54,000; and police department painting - $5,495.00.

Finally, Commissioners unanimously named President Tom Nolan as their representative on the Northampton County Gaming Board, where he has served for the past four years.


Anonymous said...

Not only are the cops breaking local government budgets on salaries, all of their toys are adding up as well!

Bernie O'Hare said...

I see. Body armor is a toy.

Anonymous said...

A cop who recently shot an elderly handicapped gentleman who was reaching for his cane, is why the general public has reservations on the funding of police officers.

They should be getting more sensitivity training dollars than assault rifles for suburban communities like Bethlehem Township.

Perfect example of why a regional type police force should be considered and or explored just as in the consolidation of school districts.

Anonymous said...

The Northampton county executive appoints the members of the casino revenue board, not the townships. What makes them think that they make the appointment? Bernie, read the law and straighten these people out.

Bernie O'Hare said...

They have recommended the re-appointment.

Lighthouse said...

I don't know who the hater is on the BT Police Dept, but I want to thank our Commissioners for supporting our force. How someone could question $3,400 for vests, the routine replacement of older police cars, or new rifles is beyond me.

Likewise, the suggestion that we should regionalize is also not grounded in reality (nor is using a nighttime incident from South Carolina as justification for it). While a great place to live, if you actually live here you know our "township" is not some sparcely populated country township. 2010 Census has the City of Easton at 26,800, and Bethlehem Township not far behind at 23,730. We have a large high school, a community college, shopping centers, a hospital, are between Bethlehem and Easton, and have two highways (and stones through from a third). While largely safe for its size and location, it would be naïve (or just anti-govt fringe) to think we should dismantle our police dept and regionalize. Regional cooperation like we do for DUI, yes, but we still need our own fine department.

Good votes.

Lighthouse said...

Hopefully successful in acquiring the grants. Commissioner Nolan has been advocating for this for several years, and I am sure has only become more necessary in that time.

Anonymous said...

I know most municipalities are low on funds but Toyota scion police cars? Now I'm just curious to see what they will look like.

Bernie O'Hare said...

They can't win. If they spent $ for a beefed up. 8-cylinder, they'd be criticized for wasting money. Then they get criticized for being economical.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, drive by the police station on any day and see how many police cars are sitting parked outside not being used?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Now every police car must be in use at all times or it is wasteful. How often does your car sit unused? Some of you people are simply nuts.

Anonymous said...

Over in New Mexico the police need vest to protect themselves from homeless people living in the desert:


How is this possible in the year 2014?