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Friday, March 14, 2014

Now Is Not a Good Time

Those gathering signatures for nomination petitions this Winter have had no easy task. Between the snowstorms and extreme cold, it had to be tough to march up and down streets, seeking that elusive signature. But one petition recently told me a story that I just have to repeat.

He had spent an afternoon in freezing cold weather, dodging ice patches as he knocked on doors. At one home, a distraught woman answered the door and said, "Now is not a good time. My husband just died."

This was not a woman whose husband had passed away in recent weeks. He had literally just died. In fact, he could be seen, slumped over a kitchen table, with a cup of coffee next to him.

"I didn't know what to do," this circulator told me, as he stood in the open doorway, trying to console this recent widow until medical personnel arrived.

I would have given him more coffee.


Anonymous said...

This story, and your glib response is why politicians shouldn't be exempt from robocall do-not-call lists. They're just Westboro Baptists nuts without the nasty signs. That they bar others, yet allow themselves to terrorize private citizens in their homes is why politicians and you are so despised.

Matt M. said...

Hey, Anon,

That's how the system is set-up with a closed-ballot. Instead of being an anonymous tool, volunteer just for an hour with one candidate and get signatures.

Anonymous said...

Hey 11:15 tool,

The system was set up by career crooks who lie, steal, cheat and batter their wives. Tools like you think it's more important than grieving a lost loved one. Reveal the location of your families' graves so they may be pissed upon in the name of those who choose not to associate with the thieves, liars, pederasts, and wife beaters who need signatures so badly. The narcissism of you lowlife political shits knows no limits.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how a funny (albeit tragic) little story about one petitioner can draw such a heated response!

Bernie O'Hare said...

8:19 & 12:09 is obviously a person with emotional problems. As much as people hate Robo calls, they seem to really appreciate it when a candidate comes to their door. This is core political speech, about as basic as you can get. It's called the First Amendment. If you don't like democracy, you might fit in Syria, Russia, N Korea or Iran.

Anonymous said...

This woman should get this person's vote, if he/she handled the situation properly. If the timing was better, he/she may have gotten two. Leave it to Bernie to get a story like this one.

Anonymous said...

No he didn't't. It is shameful that you are still pandering for this poor woman's vote. With her husband not yet cold in the ground I am sure she can't wait to run and vote for you. That is the first thing on her mind What a nutjob!

Bernie O'Hare said...

4:43 is the nut job. This person did not wake up that day and decide to go knocking on the doors of dead people who had died 15 minutes earlier. Your reaction demonstrates that if anyone lacks empathy, it is you.