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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Something Stinks in Forks Township

Unlike Upper Mount Bethel, home of the never-ending shit wars, the only thing people fight about in Forks Township these days is a McDonald's proposed along Sullivan Trail. NIMBYs complain it will look and taste like shit. But most folks say, "We're loving it." Well, these folks have no idea what's going on.

Yesterday afternoon, I was up in the northern fringes of Forks Township, and am sure I saw a sludge farm, with little pieces of shit planted in the now. I stopped and went to look at it. It looked like shit. I picked it up.It felt like shit.I smelled it. it smelled like shit. I tasted it. It tasted like shit.

I'm glad I didn't step in it.

It's a sludge farm. I have no idea whether it comes from Class A or Class B assholes, but will find out before I write more. I saw another farm treated the same way.


Anonymous said...

That crap was laid down a few days ago, on the fields to the east of Kesslersville Rd, between Kuebler and Newlins Roads. It was literally a shit storm, with a cloud of shit obscuring the tractor that was spreading it. It smelled like shit, so I hit the recycling setting on the car HVAC.

What do the residents in the "luxury" development by the cesspool, like Avon by the Sea, with "homes starting at $300,000" do?

I drove through again this afternoon, and forgot about the field of shit, until I saw the black skid marks in my peripheral vision. By then it was too late - the smell of shit permeated the car. No shit - true story.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the next time you visit forks twsp. put a lollipop in your mouth,a clothes pin on your nose and keep your ass in the seat!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Now be nice