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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lower Nazareth Supervisors Urged to Complete Police Study

Andrew Laudenslager 
Lower Nazareth Supervisors are having second thoughts about their participation in the Colonial Regional Police Department, which protects residents in Bath, Hanover and Lower Nazareth Townships. They've rejected a $3.39 million 2014 police budget, which operates as a notice of intent to withdraw in a year if the problems remain unresolved. It's a money problem. "We're not going to increase taxes to pay for police services," stated Lower Nazareth Chair during a December 12 meeting of the police commission.

Police officers, led by Officer Andrew Laudenslager, pressured Supervisors last night to make a decision. He questioned whether Township Manager Timm Tenges is qualified to perform a study, a point that Tenges disputed, calling the matter a "budgetary item." Tenges promised to make his work, which he expects to finish in a few weeks, available to the public.

Laudenslager made a pitch for Colonial Regional, noting it is is one of only 93 departments accredited throughout the state. "You are holding every police officer hostage over your unknown plans," he complained.

Nagle told Laudenslager that he had no reason to worry. "Whatever we decide, you're not going to lose your job," he predicted, noting that a new police force would need its own officers. He also agreed that Colonial Regional Police provide excellent coverage. "They are the best in the state as far as I'm concerned; that's not the issue."

He also reminded officers that, several years ago, Hanover Township had threatened to withdraw.

"I think we're even at this point," he noted.

One Supervisor expressed concern over the tack Nagle is taking. "I don't want to lose police service," stated Martin Boucher.

Nagle assured him that won't happen. He advised that, despite the notice of intent to withdraw, the Township will continue to be protected by Colonial Regional until January 1, 2015.


Anonymous said...

Ask Upper Macungie about their shiny new police force. . . . Word is frustration is already mounting and costs already crippling. They should have remained in the regional force.

Anonymous said...

Nagle needs to stop bullying people, especially those on the very board he sits on. It was a complete disgrace to see the Lower Nazareth officials talk with zero tact, to each other, and the public. Perhaps this is not a money issue at all, but rather a power grab for Nagle. Citizens of Lower Nazareth Township need to understand the severity of leaving the excellent services of Colonial Regional Police Department. Nagle stated that there is no issue with the quality of the Police services, they are the best in the state. It doesn't take a study for every citizen to know that forming your own Police Department will raise taxes. Shame on Tenges for not having his report done already. He promised on Jan 27th it would be done in another two weeks. 6 weeks later and he says he thinks he can have it done in another 4 weeks. When asked about his qualifications, his answer was, "What qualifications are needed? I know how to do a budget." That kind of unprofessional answer leaves this resident feeling very wary of the township breaking away from Colonial Regional.

Quote taken from article here: http://www.lehighvalleylive.com/nazareth/index.ssf/2014/03/colonial_regional_officer_asks.html

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tenges' response is typical Tenges behavior. Nobody is allowed to question him on his motives, practices, or decisions, like it or not.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tenges is the rudest public official in the Lehigh Valley. It is apparent he has something on Mr. Nagle or vice versa. Both are demeaning, condescending and arrogant. Something does STINK in Lower Nazareth.

Can someone explain to me how they can have a police force that is less expensive that the CRPD? Are they going to go back to state police protection? My understanding that the state police will not provide the same extensive coverage nor handle the call volume that the CRPD does.

As the officer stated, this is not a budgetary review, it’s about what is best for the residents and business community in Lower Nazareth.

Bernie, you really need to look into this further. Mr. Nagle and Mr. Tenges have a personal vendetta against the CRPD. What has caused this?

Residents need to attend the next police meeting at the CRPD building on March 24, 2013 staring at 7:00 in the evening.

Anonymous said...

The supervisors have an obligation to ensure that tax funds are spent correctly so that the community as a whole benefits. Calling Nagle a bully and refuting Tenges qualifications to crunch numbers is a distraction tactic that masks the salient point: what is the best financial decision that benefits those who fund the operations of the township.

Anonymous said...

This is not exclusive to Colonial, or the Lehigh Valley. Same issue in the Poconos. The great experiment of regional police departments seem to be ending. Most of the problems come back to, too much politics in the multi-municiplaity agencies.


Anonymous said...

2:33 & 3:04

Thank you Mr. Tenges and Nagle.

Anonymous said...

@anon 3:04 - True, but the alternative is worse. I think Upper Macungie is realizing that now. I'm pretty confident if supervisors answer the question honestly they would go back to a regional arrangement if possible.

I haven't asked so I'm not sure what answer would be but just based on what I hear.

Freedom Isn't Free, nor is safety said...

Anon 6:26, so instead of dealing with growing pains, and working. The best solution is poor service because it requires no effort. Spoken like a true career politician, or a complacent lazy high ranking regional police officer.

If our founders had that lazy mentality, this would be part of the United Kingdom--not United States. Everything worth having takes work.

Sadly, life is not as easy as tv dinners and Sham-Wows. Things that improve the quality of life take: hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and patience. Something lost on this instant gratification society it seems.

Anonymous said...

If lower naz residents think they will get a better deal by going on their own they will be sorely mistaken.


Anonymous said...


Tenges has no business trying to put together a report about this. A police department is the single most expensive item a local government will have. Tenges background is the former road master for the township and a supervisors position with PennDot. Just for a comparison lower macungie ( who I loathe as a taxpayer for sucking on the teat of PSP) just completed a study on switching to their own police force. It took an independent expert over a year to compile and write his report. Expecting an accurate report from Tenges in about three months is a complete joke.


Anonymous said...

Tenges is a pal of John Brown and sounds like he has the perfect personality to be part of the "new" Northampton
county leadership.

Bernie O'Hare said...

This is disinformation. Let's be honest here. Tenges does not know Brown. He has never had a discussion. And no township manager in his right mind would leave that job for one with the county.

Anonymous said...

It's astonishing how all of you anonymous bloggers out there are experts in local government matters, especially when it comes to figuring out a police budget. You are all competent experts, yet Mr. Tenges is not qualified if putting a simple budget together? I guess that goes for all the township managers in the Valley that have their own police departments. Are they all incapable of putting together a budget or just Tenges? It seems to me that they all do budgeting for their municipalities on a much bigger scale than just for their police departments or else they wouldn't be township managers. I'm not sure how long Tenges has been a manager, but I would guess he has put together a few budgets during his tenure. Seems to me, all of you "experts" out there have a personal vendetta against the guy. If all of you are right and local police is more expensive than regional, then I would think the supervisors would be hard pressed explaining to the taxpayers why they would want to start their own force when they already belong to a good regional force.

Anonymous said...

Laudenslager made a pitch for Colonial Regional, noting it is is one of only 93 departments accredited throughout the state. "You are holding every police officer hostage over your unknown plans," he complained.

The hyperbole here is tragic. There seems to be some underlying insubordination afoot that is stirring otherwise good people to behave like recipients awaiting a reduction in Santa's graces. I do really want to give these guys (the police) the benefit of the doubt seeing that they do perform duties that carry a high degree of responsibility.

There also seems to be a failure to recognize the order of the food chain (call it pecking order). The folks leveling the accusations are not at the top.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Neither are you. The Supervisors and Township Manager work for the people. Like it or not, the people who go to the voting booth are at the top of the food chain. You would do well to remember that instead of posting an arrogant remark.

I am not well-informed on this topic. I need to review the funding formula to see if there is parity between what L Nazareth is paying and the other participants. But this is a police force that Chairman Nagle called the best in the state. To tell the people he wants to replace that force with something less than that will be a tough sell, even with the dollars on his side.

I speak as a supporter of the failed sale of Gracedale. There was no question, financially, that the home needed to be sold. There was no question that it is not the best in the state. But the people felt differently.

You do yourself and your cause no favors by reminding anyone they should know their place.

From what I have seen, L Nazareth Supervisors are interested in doing the right thing and have been willing to listen. You are msking things more difficult with that kind of hubris.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lower Nazareth. Why are you knocking your brains out doing a study. Check out Lower Macungie's study. Looks like they got it right. The largest accredited police agency in the state at zero cost. Looks like a no brainer to me. Screw Colonial Regional. They are lucky they have jobs. Look out for us taxpayers for once.