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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Freemansburg Chief Brings Dr. Suess to Local School

Freemansburg Police Chief Todd Pantuso, with Things One and Two
The sun did not shine.
It was too wet to play.
so they sat in the school
all that cold, cold, wet day.

Savannah Quezada (mask) and Serra Enisla have lots of questions
But students at Freemansburg Elementary School recently had a treat. Police Chief Todd Pantuso and Officer Ray Mead paid a visit to read Dr. Suess as part of "Read Across America." And they brought Thing One and Thing Two, too, who said, "How do you do?"

Things One and Two were actually teachers Lindsey Artim and Kelsey Kalamar.

After reading Dr. Suess, curious second graders peppered Freemansburg's finest with questions.

"Did you ever catch any bad guys?" .

Chief Pantuso reading to second grade class
"My brother wants to be a cop."

"If you get three tickets, do you go to jail?"

"Have you ever gone onto the highway when there's a crash?"

Chied Pantuso, who plans to have students visit the station this Spring, called his visit a "positive interaction" with children. According to Principal Kathy Quigney, 400 students attend Freemansburg Elementary.

Dressed in PJs, Freemansburg second grade class says bye. 


Anonymous said...

Good Job Chief Pantuso and Officer Mead! Very nice article Bernie! Made me smile!

Anonymous said...

Thanx to the Freemansburg PD, This is a sign that there are some police out there that still care about innocent minds?
This is the other end of the spectrum to allentown pa were Thugs and Drugs are taught by the Brown Hole of the adminstration too?

patent pending