Monday, October 24, 2016

Panto's Pseudonyms May Cost Easton

Back in March, I told you that Easton Mayor Sal Panto was using two pseudonyms - Tom18017 and Roverfan73 - to participate in online discussions at Lehigh Valley Live. This is in addition to comments he would post under his own name, often in connection with the same story in which he was using his pseudonyms.

How do I know he was using these pseudonyms? Because like most liars, he's also stupid. Abraham Lincoln once said, "No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar.” Panto is proof.

When someone teased him about his moonlighting at Riverview, he started to blow oil about his 80-hour weeks and invited this critic to visit his office. But instead of writing as "Sal Panto," he got mixed up and posted as "roverfan73." In another story about Easton'sparking garage, Panto took it upon himself, as Panto, to correct several errors in the story. Then, when someone complained to him about the construction, he told this person to call his office for an appointment, providing his telephone number as Mayor. But once again, he got confused. Instead of "Sal Panto," this one came out as "tom18017."

Panto used both of these pseudonyms (some believe there were more) to bully people and make all kinds of vicious remarks about others, while simultaneously patting himself on the back as Easton mayor. When posting as panto, he often took others to task for failing to say who they really were. But he was doing it himself!

Panto used LehighValleyLive to create the false impression that others think like him, and to vilify perceived opponents.

After I outed Panto, both here and at Laini Abraham's popular Easton Pa Facebook page, tom18017 and roverfan73 suddenly went Internet-silent. He ignored my request for an explanation and even snubbed activist Dennis Lieb, who raised the topic at a City Council meeting.

He eventually came up with an answer. At a meeting of Easton Democrats, he claimed he had been hacked. Nobody believed him. That explanation itself is an admission of dishonest behavior (setting up false identities) to respond to accusations of ... dishonest behavior.

When I outed Panto, I did so because I was disgusted by his dishonesty. But I dropped the matter, thinking it could never come back to bite him. Well, it just did. All of Panto's Easton cheerleaders will be held accountable for his lies. He has been sued, both individually and in his capacity as Mayor, over the wrongful death of Richard Scheuermann. Whether Easton police acted appropriately or not when they fired at Scheuermann is a question for another day and another venue. But part of the claim relates to Panto's use of the pseudonym tom18017 and roverfan73 to defame Scheuermann's family.

Guess who will be paying for that?

Panto was asked about the use of these pseudonyms by LehighValleyLive, and declined to answer. He can thumb his nose at yours truly, Dennis Lieb and LehighValleyLive, but will eventually have to answer the federal lawsuit.

As Roverfan73 and tom18017, here is what Panto has had to say about several different topics.

Himself: "The man works tirelessly for he city say and night and if he didn't respond you would criticize him for that as well." ... "Wow. the mayor is doing a great job and the naysayers all over him for doing his job. Call it as you want there are laws on the books and he swore an oath to enforce them,,,,,and I say thank you. Downtown looks better and better everyday." ... "We have a very good mayor ..." ... "I believe this mayor is tough on crime." ... "Can the mayor and council run the country??????" ... "We need Mayor Panto for life! Case closed." ... " I guess good government doesn't warrant news coverage."(He also falsely claims to live in the West Ward, and talks about taking his sons to the parks). 

Easton Public Market: "It has been postponed so many times it is ridiculous and I looked in the windows just today and they are no where ready to open." ... "Seems more like a Reading Terminal than a grocery store. So I can buy my meat and seafood there but not the flour and butter to cook them or the bread crumbs or the dish detergent to clean the pots, pans, and dishes. And how does the city get paid back the million dollars they gave to support the project? I hear in addition to that amount there is another million or so on top of that."

Street Crime: "use a gun and it should be a minimum sentence of 30 w/o parole." ... "The courts need to be more aggressive in their setting of bail amounts, especially when guns are found." ... "Blame our liberal courts these dirtbags are arrested by the police and out before the paperwork is done."

Magisterial District Judge Antonia Grifo: "Good thing this guy is going to Corpora because if he was going to Grifo she would have him back out on the streets in no time."

DA John Morganelli: "Finally Morganelli wants to get tough on crime. HMMMM any reason other than it is happening in his beloved Bethlehem. He has been tough on crime to some extent in Easton but rumor has it that Magistrate "easy on crime" Grifo let the ARMED actors that held up the Dollar Store and led police on a massive manhunt -- is it true she let them off the hook and dismissed the case. How dare she do that!!! We need the President Judge and the DA to pull her in and set her straight. I am sure if it was Bethlehem John would do it. Let's get tough on crime in Northampton County."

Judge Sam Murray: "I hope he makes better decisions on the bench than the choice for tip staff. He is a good person but his choices were more political than anything. There were so many good people that helped him. It is a shame he didn't choose one of them. But I hear he had a great reception and rumor is it was all donated by the owner of Riverview Country Club. I wonder if that is true, hope not Seems like more of the same at the county."

Easton Peace Candle: "IT'S SIMPLE THE CANDLE SHOULD BE LIT ON FRIDAY NIGHT --- PERIOD ----- " ... "I also vote for candle lighting on Friday. Does GEDP run this city or the Mayor and City Council?"

Public Education: "I am a former public school teacher and loved the profession. I was never paid what teacher's are paid today." ... " C'mon man if you want a full-time President then pay for it. Teachers should know their history just look at Bethlehem Steel and IR where many of the union bosses were paid to do union business. How did it work out for them?" ... " I rarely see any teachers anymore at extra curricular events unless they are being paid. Many don't even don't live in the area. The union saw to that when they got rid of residency requirements."

Suburban kids: "So you think all suburban kids are angels. Think again. Some of the most disrespectful brats come from the wealthier families who let their kids run wild with little oversight."

Easton Snow Plowing: "I traveled many roads in the townships that were worse than the city's streets. Ask some of the residents who live in developments that weren't even plowed." ... "I have to commend the city if Easton. I had to travel I too other areas today including the suburbs and Bethlehem and Easton's roads were far superior."

NorCo(Central Booking): "Northampton County finally coming into the twenty first century. Several years after LEhigh County but it is appreciated." (Emergency Shelter): "Thank you Mayor "Panto and City Council for doing what the county should be paying for. They are supposed to be the human services division of government but they haven't come into the 21st century. Nothing there has changed in the last 50 years."

Glenn Steckman: "Insiders have told me there was tension between the mayor and Steckman but it was always over Steckman's handling of personnel and the public. No one likes to see a person terminated or resign but the fact is this person should have been let go a long time ago. The only reason he lasted as long as he did is because employees have told me often times that Panto is too loyal and always gave Steckman another chance." ... " I had several dealings with this guy and he was rude and nasty." ... "He needs some humility like the mayor."

Allentown Pay-to-Play: "Ah yes Mr. Stathern, he was good friends of you know who --- Mike Fleck. Why not check their involvement together and what Strathern "treated" Fleck to when Fleck was on Easton Council the first time." ... "No doubt the guilty one is the fleckster. I am sure he promised a lot the mayor didn't know because everything he got in contributions he got more money." ... "This guy was friends with Mike Fleck when he was on easton city council and did some unethical things then.. When he was out of work Fleck got him the job in Allemtown. The Fleckster was the main ingredient in all of this and should be in jail." (I am sure the feds would love to know the details here, Sal. Why not give them call? Maybe they'll call you!)

Bethlehem Street crime: "Gee I thought all of the gangs were in Allentown and Easton. Seems like there is more and more crime in Bethlehem."

Bethlehem taxes:  "Maybe Bob [Donchez] should take some lessons from Sal in Easton. I left Bethlehem and moved to Easton abour 7 years ago and we haven't had a property tax increase nor any loss of sevices. A a matter of fact there has been an increase. esecially in the polioce department, and I live in the West Ward. Bethlehem should be financially sound with all of the development and the casino"

Jeanette Eichenwald: "Does Eichenwald know any other words. All she talks about is the cloud hanging over city hall. Get a life and start working on making Allentown a better place to live instead of pushing the cloud over the Chief of Police. She wants everything tied to the investigation and pay to play and yet no one has been charged or indicted. She has done nothing on council that is positive in any way, shape or form. And just recently she put down Easton. What the heck? And oh, I don't live in Allentown and I don't know the mayor and I don't have any contracts with the city."

Addendum: I mentioned Laini Abraham and just want to take this opportunity to congratulate her on her new role as a Mom.


Anonymous said...

Can this guy ever get elected again? At the very least its seems pretty embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

The long arm of the law cometh..for you..Sal. Not as bad as Scumlowski but the Easton-lite version..I think.

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered who in God's name thought it proper to bestow a Masters degree on him. He mangles the Queen's English and was outsmarted by his own sock puppets. He's the working definition of an imbecile. And, he's fundamentally dishonest.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should have some humility like the mayor....

Pal Santo said...

Sal is innocent. Just ask him.

Bill Carr said...

Great article, Bernie. One minor correction...The link to Laini's page is Easton, Pennsylvania, the link you have is to Easton Pa a different page.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Bill, thanks. Will correct when I get back home.

Unknown said...
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Bernie O'Hare said...

Will do once I get home.

Anonymous on Milton Street said...

I'm ..... I mean Sal ..... is completely innocent. By posting the truth, Bernie simply shows his hate for me. I mean for Sal. This isn't going well. My socks are getting stiff. They seem to have taken on a life of their own. I was hacked!

Pal Santo said...

Bernie I failed to mention that you did an excellent job on this post. Keep up the great work.

Dennis R. Lieb said...

Mr. Mayor...and I use that term very loosely.

Start to pack up your shit and get ready to vacate that Hitler bunker you call city hall (a hideous and disfunctional embarrassment and insult, by the way, to the citizens who will be paying for it for decades).

This lawsuit is just the beginning of the torches and pitchforks gang that is surely coming for you.

You are toast.


Anonymous said...

Sal is feeling the burn!

Anonymous said...

When Sal gets pulled into court and is asked whether he used those fake names on the internet lists he will have to answer truthfully under the threat of perjury.

Anonymous said...

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Case in point.

Anonymous said...

Was at a wedding at river view he was pushy and rushed the whole reception activities. With how much I'm sure it cost it put a black cloud on the whole evening

Dennis R. Lieb said...

Anon@11:17...I have heard other people complain about his behavior at Riverview events. My 40th HS reunion is there this year. He better not show his face.


Anonymous said...

This mayor has done more for Easton than anyone in the last 40 years!!! You are always looking for the negative of any subject. Mr Panto and his family have a rich history in Easton always looking to help others. Really , let them alone!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Panto does nothing for Easton when he defames other people online, and in a way that the City can be held accountable. I will say he has basically been a good Mayor, but lets his ego take over all too frequently, and is too willing to listen to cheerleaders like you instead of the truth.

Peter J.Cochran said...

Well Bernie at ...least he has been right most of the time.This city has come forward in 8 years faster than the last 80. So be it.

Anonymous said...

Panton is a liberal Demoncrat clown supported by more of the liblAbs form the city with no tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

"When I outed Panto, I did so because I was disgusted by his dishonesty. But I dropped the matter, thinking it could never come back to bite him."

He's an elected politician. It should come back to bite him. Please don't drop this, Bernie. So many people in the Lehigh Valley, even Easton, have no idea because Mcall and Lehigh Valley Live didn't pick this story up back in March.

Anonymous said...

I can just see it now: "The accounts I made to troll the internet and pat myself on the back and make fun of my own constituents was hacked," Panto testified under oath.

The next Kathleen Kane in the making...

Unknown said...

I'm sure both MDJs were less than thrilled to hear what Panto said. Especially Judge Corpora. Last thing he wants I'm sure is his name associated with bashing and criticizing another judge. The bench tends to frown upon that sort of stuff.

None of this is a shock as a former regular years ago at, Easton Undressed. I'm pretty sure RoverFan73 was there.