Friday, October 21, 2016

Despite Voter Fraud Accusation, No Rush For Poll Watchers

NorCo voting machine, minus
the privacy curtain
Donald Trump, the GOP presidential nominee, has repeatedly raised the specter of voter fraud in the November 8 election, particularly in Pennsylvania, and has called on his supporters to “go around and watch other polling places.” But according to three different elections offices, there's been no cascade of requests for poll watcher certificates.

Poll watchers are individuals designated by a candidate or party to make sure that only registered voters cast ballots. They are to have no contact with voters, but can challenge someone's identity or residence with the elections judge.

According to Northampton County Voting Registrar Dee Rumsey, she's received no requests for poll watcher certificates from anyone. But she said she expects to be flooded with requests right before the election.

Lehigh County Voting Registrar Timothy Benyo has only received requests for poll watcher certificates from Congressman Charlie Dent. He said that requests for poll watcher certificates after October 25 will only be produced as time permits.

How about Philadelphia and its 700,000 voters? According to Deputy City Commissioner Donald Garecht, the City usually receives requests for poll watcher certificates for every person. But he said that even his office has seen no deluge of requests.

I am working on a more detailed story on the machines in use in each of these counties and the likelihood that they can be hacked. That story will appear in The Bethlehem Press next Wednesday, after which I will publish it here.


Anonymous said...

Of course only Charlie! This is what happens when County Republican Chair is also ĥis camp. mgr.! Me smells a big fat rat!!!

Bernie O'Hare said...

9:28, I said I would only write about the local connection, and that is what i have done.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what kind of voting machine is pictured above?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I do. I'll have details on Wednesday.