Thursday, October 27, 2016

NorCo Council Hears from Row Offices

Northampton County Council heard from the row office department heads at yesterday's budget hearing.

Sheriff - Dave Dalrymple is "not comfortable" having unarmed people at courthouse entrances.

Coroner - Zach Lysek looked a little pale.

Public Defender - between 65-70% of all criminal defendants are represented by Bob Eyer and his office.

Jail - Dan Keen  has to provide inmates with one hour of outside recreation every day.

Civil Division - Holly Ruggerio noted that the county is going to begin scanning and imaging filings very soon. She acknowledged that the office will wait to see how that operates before deciding on new people.  
Criminal Division - Leigh Ann Fisher said she has a "good team, an awesome staff."

Register of Wills and Clerk of Orphans Court - Gina Gibbs claims that computer enhancements made last year are working very well.  "We are doing OK."

Arhives - Renee Drago says, "I love the new building. I love Forks Tp." She indicated that the state is ready to start allowing pdfs to save documents instead of microfilm.

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