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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Constable cRaZy

I've avoided writing about West Easton's Tricia Mezzacappa for some time. Yes, I've finally collected in my defamation suit against her, but this story has nothing to do with me. It's about her most recent antics as Constable cRaZy.

Last November, Mezzacappa was running for West Easton Borough Council, a seat she had to know she'd never win. But she had a back-up plan. She and nine of her friends wrote her in as Constable. According to the Pa. Comm'n on Crime and Delinquency, she's certified, too, but thankfully, not to carry a firearm.

Constables serve papers for the minor judiciary and also maintain security at the polling place. But aside from working the polls in West Easton, I doubt any magisterial district judge in his right mind would give her any work.

In May, she was in front of West Easton Borough Council, and basically offered her services in having cars towed during snowstorms and handing out tickets. This is not what constables do, and West Easton passed, especially since she's suing them again.

Undeterred, she went out and got herself a uniform and even bought handcuffs.

Now she is taking it upon herself to scare the shit out of her neighbors.

Years ago, she was unhappy when Easton police refused to arrest a cabbie who beeped his horn while waiting for one of her neighbors> That neighbor also had the misfortune of being black. Both the neighbor and the cabbie told a police officer that Mezzacappa had used the word "nigger" in describing her neighbors. Mezzacappa told the police to do something, or she'd have Easton police removed once she got elected to Council.

Easton police no longer cover West Easton. Now Mezzacappa thinks she can enforce the law herself. After all, she's a constable.

As you can see below, she recently issued a warning to some poor bastard who was supposedly playing his car radio too loudly. Noting that she has the power to arrest for breaches of the peace, she warns that any further infractions "will result in actions being taken against those persons who fail to abide by this warning."

Mezzacappa also provided a copy of this warning to West Easton.

This is a perversion of a constable's role, as Mezzacappa will soon learn.

The guy should have told her he's a Trump supporter. As you might have guessed, she's a huge fan of The Donald, and led the Trump train in Pen Argyl's Labor Day parade, as you can see above.


Anonymous said...

Why do you continue to hound this poor young woman? You got her car. It has been claimed you have not got her house, is that correct? It would appear to be time to end this thing you have with her and just live and let live.
When is enough, enough?

Anonymous said...

What's going to happen Constable Fred--at this point she is a'citizen'.Exercising Citizen arrest powers are an extremely unusual occurrence.Firearms training will be a fumbled football for her if she evan gets in a class.PCCD background check of coarse .

Anonymous said...

It's hard for me to believe that this woman actually had to go out and purchase a new set of handcuffs.

Anonymous said...

I thought you were getting her house as payment?

Anonymous said...

Hillary crudely called half of Trump's supporters as "deplorables". But fringe supporters of his are truly deplorable, and Mezzacrazy is one of them.

Bernie O'Hare said...

8:08, I would have had I not been paid.

Canary_In_Coalmine said...

Congrats. Can I have a dollar?

Sheriff Andy said...

So here is the thing, PCCD which is currently being "run" by AG candidate Josh Shapiro is an utter joke. Plenty of people with no business being firearms and court certified end up doing so. Because PCCD in Harrisburg is too incompetent to actually verify backgrounds. Which was a problem before Josh got this appointment for an AG resume. And he does not even give the proper name in his TV ads!

A neighboring county's DA's office has started to do criminal checks on those seeking court appointment to the office of constable. Since there is an element who have this foolish idea they are the state constable police. Due to the fact they have interpreted the end notes on a Lexis Nexis case law from 25 years ago to be what the state supreme court said. When really it's what some Lexis Nexis employee added editorially from someplace like NJ. The Pennsylvania Fraternal Order of Constables seems to specialize in representing these crackpots. Ron Clever is a Lehigh County attorney & constable who is their solicitor. Things like Constable Crazy Train pitched to council is what they keep claiming constables can do because of common law back in 1936. They seem to overlook the obvious about common law in the Commonwealth circa 2005.

You would think no MDJ in Northampton would give her work. And that is likely. But, keep in mind a MDJ office in a place like Bloomsberg, or Beaver Falls might blindly send her warrents for people in her Borough. And boom, now she has warrants to serve. And not all MDJs just issue TR and NT warrants. Many, especially in rural Alabama PA issue CRs and also levies from civil court. Think about that.

Sheriff Andy said...

And here is the video from the Fraternal Order of Whackers promoting this ill-fated state constable police jazz. It is certainly in the scat form, and I don't mean of jazz.


Peter J.Cochran said...

Dear Andy,just looked at this post and I can't believe my eyes.You are so right . Appointments without background and competency are the wrath of any good public agency. Are they 'torpedoing' the PCCD. Well- Retired as you may know and people are still sending me mail after 19 months. I remember the appointed gent at PCCD-firearms had got n his kid 'in 'THE FIREARMS section and at the International Cartridge Corp. 8 gun match-for Trainers and some pro's out RT80. he probably didn't belong in that position-- nice kid though.

Hillary's goon squadron said...

why wont you stop hounding this woman?

Anonymous said...

Anyone wanting to own a gun regardless of their title or background should have a current psychological reexamination. Over half the people would not be able to own a gun since many, people are emotionally and mentally unsalable. You can read their words on this blog.

Anonymous said...

All the cheering in the parade. That is what you get when you have a hot, young leggy blonde leading the parade for your float.

Peter J.Cochran said...

Well , we are tax paying citizens at our range. We have put braces on their kids teeth and love their spouse,reared our families AND pay to sent kids to college, and held responsible occupation and live better than average American . I say that if the average American was this responsible, the jails would NOT BE FULL of gang bangers. Now go ahead a debate me. We as a group would not endanger anyone,in fact we propagate good citizenship.Easton Fish and Game has been an entity for many years and with over 3400 members you can easily see the as a group they are RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE.

Peter J.Cochran said...

Who are you to say that they need reexaminations ,you faceless anon ;5'56 you are probably sucking wind again in your LIBTARD cave .

Anonymous said...

hot, young leggy blonde
So many lies. No wonder she led the Trump parade.