Monday, October 10, 2016

Judges Warn That Sexual Violence on College Campuses Is Very Real

Two of my favorite jurists, Superior Court Judges Jack Panella (left) and Correale Stevens, recently presented a lecture to Philadelphia judges and lawyers at the annual Philadelphia Bar Association Bench-Bar Conference. The lecture, “Challenges of Adult Victim Sexual Assault Cases,” focuses on the targeting of young women on college campuses.

Judge Panella cites a 2014 DOJ study concluding that as many as 90% of sexual assaults reported by college women are perpetrated by someone known to them. “Acquaintance rape on college campuses is an increasing danger,” Panella noted. “And there are false stereotypes that lead to wrongfully blaming the woman victim. For example, jurors need to understand there may be a delay in reporting because the victim is ashamed or fearful.”

Stevens quoted a jury member who said “there is no assault unless a woman fights to the death”, reported in Jon Krakauer’s book Missoula about the culture protecting members of the football team who are charged with sexual assault. “Unfortunately, many people automatically blame the young woman.”

The judges emphasized the connection between the culture of sexual assault and the role of alcohol. “Alcohol flows freely at weekend parties, and upperclassmen target the young women and groom them well-ahead of the planned sexual assault,” Stevens added. “Some fraternities even set aside rooms the night of the parties, for the assault, after the young woman has been incapacitated by spiked punch or other drinks.”

Studies have shown as many as 70% of campus sexual assaults are not reported, according to Panella and Stevens.

The judges concluded there has to be more awareness of the false stereotypes and allegations investigated thoroughly, following through with criminal charges where appropriate.

This is the fifth time Judges Panella and Stevens have given a presentation on this important topic. November 2nd they will address the Delaware County Bar Association in Media, PA.


Anonymous said...

All you say is likely true. Add the hormones of late teen adolescents that are away from home for the first time, the availability of alcohol, and parties with very attractive men and women you have a situation that sexual violence, date rapes and other assaults can and do happen

What can be done? Go back to single-sex dorms? Ban fraternities and sororities. An increased campus police presence in female dorms?

When you have a permissive, liberal environment that many colleges and universities tend to foster and support, taking such actions may be problematic for administrators.

Anonymous said...

Not surprising, considering we have a Presidential candidate who has openly bragged about sexually assaulting women, and his minions of followers who think it's okay.

Anonymous said...

Once again the whacky boomers say go back to the 1950's and we will all be saved. You do realize that girls got pregnant and quit college in the 40's,50's and etc...,right? Obviously you never went to college nor are very familiar with it. This behavior has little to do with "liberalism" and mostly due to biology. Get a grip!

Anonymous said...

and yet conservative leaning schools have some problems

"According to a recently released report by an independent watchdog group, Bob Jones University, a leading conservative Christian university in South Carolina, discouraged victims from filing police reports, rarely punished the abusers and blamed victims for their "involvement" in the crime. “Deal with your own sin” and do “not be selfish” were some of the comments students said they heard from school counselors when denouncing sexual assault."

so a "permissive liberal environment" does not have much to do with the problem of rape on campus

Anonymous said...

Agree with 3:34. A lot to do with biology and violence. Probably a Hell of a lot more sexual attacks in the 50's than today. The climate of "locker room talk" is OK, has more to do with violence against women than any political philosophy.

I wish some of you clowns would have actually received a "liberal arts" education. The entire point of which is to teach you to think critically and form your own conclusions based on the world around you. Not just the tea room.

George Ruth said...

Liberal universities (redundant?) love their 'safe spaces'. It is apparent that dorm rooms are not among them. And can a society in which millions of frail, sensitive and innocent little girls have read 50 Shades of Grey...or have seen the movie...can we really just blame men?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Amazing. It's the girls' fault. This is what I expect from a person like you.

Anonymous said...

Stop handing out football scholarships.