Monday, March 01, 2021

Van Scott Picks Up Three Significant Endorsements

Magisterial District Judge candidate Van Scott picked up some heavy-duty endorsements last week. The first two come from Fountain Hill Mayor Carolee Gifford and Fraternal Order of Police Star Lodge #20. The third endorsement blows me away. It comes from retired Senior Magisterial District Judge Liz Romig. She was an institution in Bethlehem for decades, using common sense on the front line of our judicial system. What she thinks about a judge vacancy should matter.   

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Joann said...

I totally agree. Being endorsed by a former member of the bench is extremely important. No one better knows the requirements of the position. I'm sure former Judge Romig interacted with Van Scott during his tenure as a police officer. So, she is an excellent testament to his character and his ability to carry out the duties of the office.

Moreover, I am heartened to see a variety of endorsements of which I am sure there will be more. And, no one should think earning the endorsement of the FOP was a given. We have all worked with that person we would never trust with such a responsibility and would decline endorsing.