Monday, March 15, 2021

Little Interest in Easton's Election

Three Easton City Council seats are up this year, but there's apparently little interest. Incumbents Roger Ruggles (District 1) and Jim Edinger (District 2) in their bid to retain their seats. Only incumbent Sandra Vulcano (District 3), who has been in office for 1,000 years with nothing to show for it, has a challenger. Her opponent is Taiba Sultana, who ran against Vulcano four years ago. 

Easton's elected officials hate to be questioned. Four years ago, there were legal challengers to Sultana and Terrence Miller, who dared to take on Jim Edinger. Both challenges were eventually dismissed by Judge Craig Dally.

But these challenges, which we have now witnessed on a federal level, tend to dampen interest in local government. That's how you can have three council seats with only four candidates. 


Anonymous said...

Why did Easton get so much less than Bethlehem and Allentown from the COVID Bill?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Because it's tiny by comparison. It's smaller than Whitehall or Lower Mac. In fact, it probably gets too much.

Anonymous said...

Easton is a large borough.