Tuesday, March 09, 2021

NorCo Establishes Covid-19 Call Line For Seniors

 From Northampton County: Lamont McClure and the Area Agency on Aging Division (AAA) will begin operating a call line on Friday mornings to help Northampton County Seniors make appointments for COVID-19 vaccinations. This service is intended for those who lack computer or internet access. AAA staff members will make 100 appointments per clinic date. Vaccination clinics will be held at the Wind Creek Event Center at 77 Wind Creek Blvd. Bethlehem, PA.

The program will begin on Friday, March 12, 2021 at 8:00AM. Residents of Bethlehem City and Northampton County who are age sixty-five and older can call 610-865-7092 to schedule an appointment for a vaccination. AAA employees will also assist with registration at the Wind Creek clinics.
“We understand the frustration of some of our older folks who don’t have the access or the computer skills to make appointments online,” says Lamont McClure. “Area Agency on Aging is making this service available so every Northampton County senior who wants a vaccine is able to get an appointment.”
If individuals have questions about the COVID-19 vaccine clinic or their appointment, they can call the Bethlehem Health Bureau at 610-865-7083.
Senior residents of Northampton County who are registered with LANTA’s Share Ride for Seniors Program, can receive a free door-to-door trip to and from their COVID-19 vaccine appointments. Approximately 8,800 seniors in Northampton County already use the Share Ride for Seniors Program. Anyone who would like to register may do so by calling 1-888-253-8333, Monday through Sunday from 8:00AM – 4:30PM.


Anonymous said...

Only took a year. Nice work Lamont! NOW you decide to care about the elderly. What a POS.

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The president has both shots and still wore two masks today. That doesn't instill much confidence in the vaccine. No wonder so many are hesitant.